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Hidden In Plain View, Ron Paul Is WINNING!

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Hey Matt,

Your, "Go Ron Paul!" should be a ringtone!

Hey Matt,

Your, "Go Ron Paul!" should be a ringtone!

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...Matt Larson!

You are good bro.

Thanks for you good works.

All together, we keep pushing the ideas of peaceful reloveunation. One day at a time...and there is only one solution...it's a government of Rasta-far-I. (Jesus teachings & the good foundations of the Bible-Wisdom)

Lol...for the dancers out there:





They are deleting videos as you are watching them!

the link to video at end is gone.

Wasn't Theirs

Apparently the true owner of the video is Dennis Hamm, username derhamm on YouTube.

New link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o2e_FUy-3eo (this is an updated version of the video)

Original video from yesterday: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mfrNz_2hvvM (outdated because of improper statistics)

The new video is the one that needs to go viral.

Update: Matlarson10 has corrected the link in the description. It will go to the new rally video.

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There is more than you-tube

Start posting Paul videos on one of the other video sharing sites, When you tube loses several million watchers they will wonder what they did.