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Banners & Flyers For Registering Californians

The banners and postcards we made for the California county coordinators went over so well that I threw up an online store to make them available to everyone in California.


If you are in California, please help get these banners up and flyers out so that Ron Paul supporters will register Republican by May 21st.

The banners and flyers are sold at below cost. Let's cover California with them!

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Do something out there

many of the marijuana (doctors in) places have no clue about Ron Paul....
actually had one girl tell me Obomba Obomba .... I told her if he is re-elected or Romoney gets in - she will be out of a job in less than 4 years. CA needs a lot of help spreading the word - big state - with a lot of uninformed people.


oh god.. These obama/romney/anyone but paul/ people make me want to puke..

a nod's as good as a wink to a blind bat


if you can do this let me know here: http://www.dailypaul.com/229005/texas-emergency

a nod's as good as a wink to a blind bat

Ron Paul 2012 !!!!!!!!!!!!

No one but Ron Paul 2012 !!!!!!!!!!!!! will get my vote. PERIOD!!!

Could you PLEASE make a banner for Texas

I've spent over $500 on banners, but none have been close to the quality and price of these! A generic "Ron Paul - Restore America Now" (cheaper cost for you) would be an awesome way to gather up the half-hearted supporters that believe the media and think that no one else is going to vote for Ron Paul! I'd like to blanket Abilene, Texas in banners like these, any help would be greatly appreciated! If your banner were tailored to Texas and sold at cost I'm sure you would get enough orders to save on materials by buying in bulk (okay, I'm not sure, but it could happen).

Regardless of your response, thank you for your support for Dr. Paul and what you are doing in California to fuel THE REVOLUTION!

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NorCal vs. SoCal

In case you missed it on the other thread, we are having a competition to see whether Northern or Southern California orders the most banners.

NorCal is winning.

It ends today, so get in there.



These posters are so great--I've been doing all kinds of voter registration drives around my county for the last few months, but a couple of fellow volunteers ordered a handful of these signs and put them up in various conspicuous places and they've done more than months of knocking on doors and standing at tables.

These are nice.

For those of you ordering these, you've got a couple of weeks to move these around.

If you find an OPTIMAL SPOT for them, that's great, but you can always move them around.

They can be affixed to the side of your van, if you drive a van. Be creative.

When you hang them, put 2 foot long streamers on the corners so that when the wind is blowing a bit, the streamers move around and it attracts attention.

Going to an outdoor festival? Bring your banner. Going to a picnic, reunion, church function, etc ... BRING your banner, ;-)

If you have a shop, or a vacant space, if you know friends with shops or vacant spaces, you can hang them on the inside of a window of a business, or a shop, or a vacant space.

For those of you with OPEN BED trucks, a regular old truck, you can build a structure in the back to put the banner on, and drive your truck around in traffic so that gets exposure.

Be creative.

Ron Paul Billboards provides billboard and digital billboard designs for grassroots, PAC's and national and state level campaign organizations at no charge. Contact us at social@RonPaulBillboards.com to edit the design you choose with your "Paid for by:".

Whatever you do, do it legally

I spent allot of time not just finding optimal places to hang the banners, but I had to ask permission, sign forms in some cases. Here, it is against the law to attach thinks, like streamers to draw attention... the size of the banner, where and how ot was places.. all this is law on the books. After I read the law, I called the Sheriff and asked about signs... here in CA, the reefered me to the Department of Transportation, said, not even private property was safe from these guys anymore.. and they will FINE the property owner, Min $100 for a illegal sign/banner.

I agree being creative is a good thing.. I bought some flat paper masks of Ron Paul in 08 from the CostumesInc.. and I get allot of comments on those. I have one stuck in each passanger door window with a bumper sticker. My back window is as assortment of bumpoer stickers and signs, posters, things to give away to anyone who says, "RON PAUL!"

Anyways.. I just wanted to add to your post, "make it legal".

Great resource for looking up laws


Search for key words like political, signs, regulations, ordinance etc.

Some cities make it easy by having a guide to sign regulations like this:

However, many cities do not have such guides so you will have to go by interpreting the law as written.

If you are unsure of your registration status

check here:

Make sure you are a registered Republican and your address is up to date.

Make sure you know

who the Ron Paul supporters are running for County Central Committee positions.

I have lists for LA and Orange Counties. If you live in one of these counties and do not know who to vote for in the County Central Committee races, please send me a message.

When is School Out?

Let's be smart!

It seems the ordering process is broken for 20 banners

I tried to put an order in but no dice. Want to put them around several cities in Southern California.

I keep getting the message that the shipping method is no longer available. Are they sold out or something?

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I think I fixed it.

Try now.

Just put mine up!

I already...

Put up my entire case of these postcards in Sacramento, CA. I need more!!!

Nice Work! California We LOVE

Nice Work!

California We LOVE you!

Keep up the fight for liberty!

To arms! To arms! The Redcoats are coming!

The postcard flyers are wonderful

Del Norte County just received hundreds of the postcard flyers, and they are absolutely wonderful......CA is well on its way to victory! THANK YOU Rowdius!!!

Are you phone banking?

Have you heard about the 12'x 24' billboard going up in Humboldt end of the week??

I wish I could afford 5 banners..seems it would be nice if Del Nort, Humboldt, Mendo (that's me), Triniy and Sonoma could split 20. But shipping and gas, driving everywhere is not cheap.

So much to do, so little time and money to do it, eh? Well, I think it would be great to have a few of these signs up rather than the cards for Mendo County.. too rural... too liberal.. I think about five of those banners and phone banking for two weeks is the best way. Need more phone bankers.

What's happenin' in Del Norte?

I'll buy you 5 banners

Hi Granger,

I like these banners and love the outreach that is happening in CA and think there's a lot of opportunity to reach all parties over to the Republican ticket just for Ron Paul at the very least.

I'm in AZ and can't do too much here now. But I'd be happy to buy 5 banners and send them to your address.

Let me know,

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Wow, a_a_ron

I just LOVE the selfless & generous spirits of all the Ron Paul supporters! Thank you so much for your kindness a_a_ron! Being from CA myself and a very recent Republican convert, this state definitely needs all the help it can get, so thankuverymuch!

That would be awesome

B. B. Grace
P.0. Box 1113
Fort Bragg, CA 95437



5 on the way.

Love your tag line, We ARE going to win

Thank you

Thank you very much Aaron. I will be looking for them, expecting them on Saturday...so I'll be spending my weekend putting them up in Fort Bragg, on HWY 20 and 1 (where I have a home made sign -I'll swap them out and then put my sign back up after May 21). I plan to put one up in Willits at the top of HWY 20 and the 101.. One in Booneville by HWY 128, one in Laytonvolle, by HWY 101, and one near Covelo HWY 101. I will be asking permission ever place they are hung, and I will hang them with great appreciation and affection.

THANK YOU Aaron!!!! Made my day.

Please, take my signature: WE ARE WINNING.. make it suit you We ARE winning! PLEASE!! It's the truth!

That banner and those flyer's should work!

I like these banners and flyer's and am interested in chipping in for California (I'm in AZ). Anybody have a chip-in for this?

Good job dungeoneers!