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My Reply to Republicans calling for "Party Unity"

I wrote this letter for members of my county's Republican Executive Committee.

Here is some of the response to my writing: Why are you writing this? Aren't you already involved? You're focusing too much on being a "Ron Paul" Republican we need to focus on party unity...

My response:

I think it's important to understand that a lot of new Republican activists were inspired to join this world of politics from the example of Ron Paul's character and the presentation of his ideas. If it wasn't for him all of us would stay home rather than vote and keep as far away from politics as we could. Virtually none of us have a background in politics. We can't be Republicans without considering Ron Paul first because he is why we became Republicans. Said otherwise, Ron Paul is our ideal Republican and that's where disagreements with other Republicans tend to happen. We put our ideals, which are also Republican ideals, first above all else. Because we believe so strongly in a cause, we sometimes come off a little strange to others. While our talking points are not in disagreement with what Republicans generally believe, it is our emphasis and depth of attention to certain issues that make others uncomfortable. So to remind everyone that we are on the same team, we, Ron Paul Republicans, need to keep a healthy dialog going with Republicans who became Republicans for their own separate reasons.

Think about our uniqueness: Ron Paul Republicans constantly talk about the Constitution, the debates between the Founding Fathers, history, economics, the dollar, the debt crisis, the FED, civil liberties and these wars that Obama is expanding. We celebrate the differences between us, Ron Paul Republicans and other Republicans, because we feel it will be better for all of us. We believe in the BIG TENT. We also believe the tent is BIG enough to fit all of us, including our ideas, without losing the reason why we became Republicans in the first place. Frankly, I believe, the disagreements we have with other Republicans are either semantic or somewhat personal. We're kind of the new kid on the block who speaks with an accent and dresses funny. The only way we'll make any friends is by introducing ourselves and letting others know how much in common we really have.

After all, you have to stand for something if you are going to convince anyone else to follow you. And lately, Republicans haven't been confronting each other about what they really believe. That's why there are so many complaints about Republicans-In-Name-Only (RINOs) and why we have budget balancing plans that take 30 years to go into effect. And by and large, Barack Obama has been able to get away with murder (literally) without any disapproval from so-called Republican leadership. True unity begins when people come together because of their mutual desire to defend what makes them different and join in common cause. Common cause is simply an outcome of this unity and not the cause itself.

I, personally believe, that liberty as Ron Paul says brings people together. And together, we can accomplish anything!

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