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Tennessee man Arrested And Imprisoned For Using Cash

A Tennessee man was charged and jailed by police Friday after he used an old $50 bill to pay for goods at a Quik Mart store.

“A clerk at Quik Mart, South Cannon Boulevard, notified police after the marker used to detect counterfeit bills didn’t check as real.” reports David Melson of the Shelbyville Times-Gazette.

“The front side of the bill was off center and it didn’t feel like a normal bill, it did look to be counterfeit,” officer Brock Horner said in his report.

The man, Lorenzo Gaspar was taken to jail by the officer, but was released after a sergeant noted that old bill are still legitimate legal tender but do not “check” with modern cash markers.


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The funny thing is

that it IS counterfeit, and the perpetrators are the Federal Reserve.

Well said Big T

But we can still buy Paul's 'End The Fed' books with it.


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