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Ron Paul Friendly Jim Rogers Predicts – The Fed Will End

There are quite a few Jim Rogers predictions in this video. Asia is the wave of the future. The best skill for children to learn is to speak Mandarin fluently.

China is the 3rd largest landmass in the world. And they have more than a billion people.

The dollar is a flawed currency. The dollar is going the same way as the pound sterling. Never in history has a government been able to solve problems by printing more money.

There has been no great oil discovery in the last 40 years. The oil reserves that are there is being used up. There simply isn’t enough oil in the world.

The U.S. and the Federal Reserve is a disaster. Even the England central bank would be better. The Chinese central bank would probably be the best. Finally we get to Jim Rogers predictions on the Fed. The Federal Reserve will end within the Next Decade.


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