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Ron Paul Compared to Obama/Romney on 20 points

Three Candidates on 20 Issues

It is interesting to compare the three remaining campaigns: Barack Obama (Democrat); Mitt Romney (Republican) and Ron Paul (Republican/Libertarian).

As shown in a table below, Obama and Romney share identical positions on what are arguably the 20 most important issues of the day.

The main point of disagreement is the Health Care Act, or Obamacare, and that seems to be on the verge of being declared unconstitutional by the Supreme Court. So Obamacare is probably history – not included on the chart.

There is also the question of who would be faster at developing a national energy program. But this question still remains in the corporate sector, with a time lag of a decade or so. This is just one economic issue over which presidents have little authority.

Obama and Romney have identical positions on virtually everything that matters, forcing the Establishment’s chattering class to focus on petty questions. Who has unfair commercials? Who might or might not have killed bin Laden? Who is more “in touch” with the average voter?

Media coverage of these two campaigns is artificial, manufactured, and entirely fabricated. It’s as if E! Entertainment Tonight was covering the campaign.

The “liberal” and “conservative” labels are about image. They mean nothing. Already, the two campaigns are about magazine covers and variety shows.

The Establishment’s political paradigm is hollow. This is one reason that Ron Paul’s campaign is still doing well. In fact, Ron Paul is gaining delegates at a rapid pace. This will probably force an open, brokered convention in Tampa. If that happens, anything can happen.

But if the Republican Establishment marginalizes Ron Paul, then one hopes he considers a third-party run with the libertarians or constitutionalists.

Mitt Romney has been running a decent and clean campaign. He is squeaky-clean, in fact, almost to the detriment of his image.

However, behind the scenes – and unconnected to Romney – a much older and uglier political machine has been churning away, grinding democracy under the twin millstones of Big Business and Big Government.

The Republican Party, now a bastion of corruption and empire (like the Democrat Party), stole several primaries and Caucasus from Ron Paul. Party operatives have even changed rules halfway through contests.

For this reason, the Paul campaign, if denied victory at Tampa, should owe no allegiance to the Republican Party.

Hopefully, the Paul campaign (really more of a social movement) will consider a third-party run and provide the nation with a real option.

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