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US military suicide rate EXCEEDS combat fatalities!

In order to truly support our troops it has become even more urgent that we end our serial warfare abroad and bring the troops home where they belong!

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According to some other posters on here

She has showed the DP on her personal computer multiple times during her show, and apparently in one of the shots you could tell she was logged in. It might have been from 08, but I can't remember. It could be anyone!!! I think hannity's head would explode if he spent any time on here though

Tu ne cede malis sed contra audentior ito

No, I don't care what their religion is

And regardless of people's religion, when they are invaded and attacked they fight back.

I'm talking solely about actions. It was the US that started it by overthrowing Iran's democracy and installing a dictator. It appears you don't even realize that yet.

Who cares what US started several decades ago.

Especially the last few decades the Muslim people have been silent on the actions its radicals.

More recent actions weigh equally or even more heavily on the radicals while moderates keep silent - and your ignoring those recent actions that are highly dangerous and deeply sickening means you stand with them. When you can't be objective, then you do not stand for liberty.
Recognizing war inclination from one side only is not grounds to call anything a revolution or for liberty. It is called being biased against one set of people over another, and especially in this case it is kooky and makes you a terrorist sympathsizer.

fyi - I am not focusing on religion. It just happens that virtually all of the terrorist activities take place by Muslims.

Yes, the US did not do right in 1953, but you are not balanced in your view of the long list of offenses by both sides.


Interesting, you are clearly bias against Muslims

And are making it all about religion. As a consequence, you have no clue what is really going on. Maybe your learning needs to start with examining yourself, because you obviously don't want to listen to anyone else, nor reason.

Why is your username lib?

If the US were to destroy Israel's nuclear capability for not allowing inspections and invade, what should Israelis do?

And you are making Iran out

And you are making Iran out to be the victim. Truth is that you are heavily pro-Islam and may not know it yet, but even have an Islamic theology. Ever pick up a koran?


i wonder who voted you down

and why?

did not want to read this but

did not want to read this but DEMOCRAZY really hits it!!! Truly the sadest thing anyone saying the minority word here. Drug'EM UP and move'EM out. WOW did i just have a flashback on RAWHIDE?