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CNN ignores Paul as ratings plummet


While Paul is drawing huge, passionate crowds, the person that major media sources have dubbed the presumptive nominee, is drawing small crowds and is generating little enthusiasm.

This momentum and excitement is occurring despite an apparently coordinated attempt by major media outlets to ignore the Ron Paul Revolution. Perhaps this is one reason outlets like CNN are seeing their ratings tumble dramatically. CNN ratings hit a ten year low in April.

The stated preference of CNN is to be an independent-minded news station in contrast with FOX News and MSNBC, that have decided to cater to right-leaning or left-leaning political audiences. Given their abysmal performance, one would think CNN would be more open to the presidential candidate that has excellent support among political Independents. Paul's committed following would flock to CNN if there were favorable coverage there, or any coverage at all. Instead, the dwindling numbers of CNN viewers have to listen to Wolf Blitzer and the parade of talking heads at CNN telling them that Congressman Paul is irrelevant, despite what they are seeing elsewhere with their own eyes.

MSNBC is the Obama network and FOX is reluctantly starting to shill for Romney. Perhaps CNN could rise above the partisan fray and provide the choice of Independents some unbiased coverage. Potential viewers might notice.

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Keep the television off

How many new shows are cop shows, us marshalls, crime investigation, ect... God even the theme songs... whatcha gonna do when they come for you? They are programming us for martial law. More TSA, FBI, CIA, by trying to make it all look "normal". Preception is reality and they are trying to alter our preception. This is not how a free society works... they show the police, marshalls doing as they please and getting away with it, without repercussions. Keep that in mind the next time you watch and see if you don't agree.

Sick society

I totally agree and continue to shout that watching the police chasing idiots and then over reacting with brutality should not be entertainment. It is grooming as you say, to show you what you can be expected to put up with. Look at 'Homeland' too. Playing on people's fear and providing a message that if a well respected serviceman can become a terrorist then anyone can. Unfortunately the masses actually encourage this behaviour on themselves. It's like watching Lemmings jump off the cliff.

Yeah, CNN is one of Ted Turner's Bastard Babies...

Too bad Ted Turner didn't have CNN...I think Ted would be a supporter of liberty, honesty in broadcasting, etc. Ted owns more property in the United States than any other person. HOw did he let CNN slip into the hands of the Commies just like what is going on in Hollywoood.

fearless brave joyful peaceful loving grateful, compassionate

CNN = Communist News Network

Why WOULD they support Dr. Paul? No surprise there.

The REAL hypocrites are over at FOX who CLAIMS to be the "conservative" choice.

We're hit from all sides - proving that there is no real difference between the liberals and the "conservatives" of the day.

"We have allowed our nation to be over-taxed, over-regulated, and overrun by bureaucrats. The founders would be ashamed of us for what we are putting up with."
-Ron Paul

This article should be sent to local news everywhere

I just sent it to our local radio guys who failed to mention the 8000+ crowd at UCLA but covered the 1200 at the may day rally yesterday (with a nice note :)

Only if ..

If CNN or any other news outlets decided to start talking about Paul in a good way I would turn my cable service back on and leave the channel running all day so they will have good ratings ..until the media does it my cable stays off and I continue to watch TV shows on line.. thats my pledge maybe CNN will read this.

Yea, it's dumb

Paul is the Independent's candidate. CNN wants to be a fair arbiter. And they need viewers. Wake up CNN or you will continue to get killed by FOX and now even MSNBC.

Jack Cafferty was on the right track. But he seems to have been scared off by the powers that be.