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VIDEO: Ron Paul - Fullerton, CA Cell Phone Stream 5-2-12

EDIT: Thanks Joey, for the video stream and the shouts to and for DP.

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I sure hope

this translates into tons of votes for Ron Paul when CA votes.

"Once you become knowledgeable, you have an obligation to do something about it."- Ron Paul

Excellent grassroots!

The video was great BUT...

what an amazing speech!! I listened to the whole thing. I've heard quite a few RP speeches, and this was a particularly good one, I think the crowd was very, very into what Ron Paul's message and Ron Paul has really struck a nerve with the American public.

that guy was great, the one walking around asking people if...

they were registered--go Paul-doer, go! A Paul supporter on that line should step up to help that guy out to cover more ground.

I say: if you can't make it better, don't make it worst!

They covered everybody several times

Yeah! Ron Paul grassroots are amazing! I was particularly impressed with the outspoken Muslim girl registering people in line.

Very Strange

The majority of people appear to not be wearing Ron Paul gear. The UCLA rally I'd say had 80% of the people in Ron Paul gear, but it seemed the complete opposite.

Maybe that's a good thing?

it not a bad thing...

I don't display wherever I go. For the stealth Paul doers it works better without displays. You become more approachable from either side and have more options to sway a conversation. Come on get out of the typical mind set. It works much better not screaming out your position.

I say: if you can't make it better, don't make it worst!

The "Blackout" Busted

The MSM Blackout has toatlly and completely backfired with "blowback". Hahahahahah

like what happened, want to share that with us...

so we all can smile with you.

I say: if you can't make it better, don't make it worst!

Good audio

The audio was very good, thanks for the crowd shots and the verfication! I enjoyed it!

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Thanks for watching the live stream from my phone :)

I am glad my battery on my phone was able to last (still at 50%) and that I got an okay reception out there.

Thanks for watching! It was 10x more fun because I knew you were with me watching and listening.

-Joe Mariano

Google+ Account: www.jmariano.com

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It's close to midnight now & I could finally "join" you & watch

the Ron Paul Fullerton CA RP rally! Thanks a million, Joe M, for taking the trouble to shoot & stream.

This is FAR more satisfying than short LSM news-show clips, edited only to suit the propaganda narratives of chatty hosts. And A LOT more informative than the 89 seconds that Ron gets to speak at "debates" :-)

Huge Success!

Congratulations to those who organized this rally. I know there was very little time to promote this event, and the local media barely mentioned Ron Paul's arrival to Fullerton. The crowd was diverse and enthusiastic and Dr. Paul gave a rousing speech. I don't care what people say -- I think he is very engaging, and it is so refreshing to hear a politician speak from the heart. He did an amazing job, and close to 5,000 people were treated to an amazing speech/rally!! Cheers!

We in Texas now!

haha Ron Paul got his Texas accent back! Hells Yea

a nod's as good as a wink to a blind bat

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Thank you so much!!!

I love hearing our President speak.


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Thanks a bunch, Joe. It was a

Thanks a bunch, Joe. It was a real treat to be able to watch Dr. Paul live. Great job!

Joe Mariano

Many thanks!

San Diego in 48 Hours! Welcome, Mr. President!

To The Media and The G.O.P.

Who is laughing now?

RON PAUL R[3]VOLUTION 2012 - United States Of America

Wisdom Strategies

Thank You Joey...

We need the public to ustream, video record, and to take pictures. The controlled media still continues the black out. Ron Paul is the true frontrunner and not Romney.

Thank you, too. At least you

Thank you, too. At least you did not talk a lot and we could hear Ron pretty great, most of the time. It may have been good if you just sat down for a little while after we got a bunch of crowd shots..the MAIN thing was to hear RON, and u usually did a good job at that. The crowds in front were great and it was nice to hear commentary then, but after Ron came out..well it would have been great to just listen and maybe one or two turns of the camera. Thanks so much for this. It felt a lot like being there, and we just have to create our own media..ya did great.

This video stayed fixed on

This video stayed fixed on Dr. Paul: http://www.ustream.tv/recorded/22302804

Google+ Account: www.jmariano.com

The only reason I was filming

The only reason I was filming the crowd was mainly because I was hoping everyone could still hear Ron Paul. This whole movement is really about We the People. Ron Paul has made that clear.

Also, I saw about 20 people video taping with much better cameras. I'm sure those will be uploaded by tomorrow if not tonight for those who want to watch Ron Paul's entire speech.

I just wanted people to know that there are real supporters coming out even if the Mainstream Media wants us to think otherwise.

Google+ Account: www.jmariano.com

I like the crowd shots..

I like to see how many people are there and how they are reacting. The only part that got lost was towards the end when you were walking and changing your position; looks like you walked above and back; it got dark and the sound was lost. But, wow, it was really wonderful of you to do this! I felt like I was there.

Thank You YFRP CSU-Fullerton!!!!

WOW!! the CSU-Fullerton did not even approve and sign the contract to allow Ron Paul on Campus until Monday April 30th.

To have a crowd approaching 4.000 tonight in Titan Stadium is AMAZING and shows the POWER of Ron Paul.

UC-Davis you have alot to live-up too tomorrow night!!!!! Good Luck!!!

You are right - that is

You are right - that is amazing to get 4,000+ people with less than 3 days notice. I wasn't surprised at first when Paul wasn't getting the media coverage and the crowds were growing, but now it seems blatantly obvious to me that the media truly is blacking this out. In the meantime, Obama's ads show Michelle with the are you in slogan or women for Obama. No substance whatsoever! Of course if he tried substance he would lose more votes.

How many there?

How many people are there?

Looks like maybe 3-4000

Looks like maybe 3-4000 people..great reception and still talking!!

Good guess, but guess again

Good guess, but guess again. Attendance was a 5,000. It was a phenomenal turnout when you consider that there was only 1-2 days only to get the word out! The venue was changed from the Engineering & Computer Science lawn to the Titan stadium which seats 10,000 people. Each side seats 5,000 people however, only half the stadium was open. Tonight's attendance was an overflow crowd and STANDING ROOM ONLY. Supporters stood outside the stadium walls and watched through chain link fences. Dr. Paul gave a great speech that lasted an hour and had the crowd cheering and chanting continuously.

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He said it's a 10000 seat stadium

and half of it is full