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I pulled this

I removed this, the Hill made it sound like that was the Judges idea, it wasn't .

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Joe, I salute you for your integrity.


"Don't blame me, I voted for Kodos!"- Homer Simpson

Federalists, or Anti-federalists?

Not to nitpick, but wouldn't a new Anti-Federalist party be more appropriate? I think Ron Paul is definitely more in the vein of Thomas Jefferson than Alexander Hamilton.

Napolitano didn't write

Napolitano didn't write this....?

good find

when you google it, they make it sound like The Judge wrote, when in reality not, I'm taking it down.

I'd prefer the libertarian faction of the "New" GOP to be called

a "Liberty-Con" under the rise of libertarian conservatism, rather than a "big government" sounding "Federalist Party"...nope.


We are going to take over the GOP and the brand name that goes with it. Good try, but not good enough. This is a slap in the face for all of us that have been in the front lines working our way into the party at all levels.

The only choice

PRESIDENT Ron Paul and Judge Andrew Napolitana VP - That is exactly what this country needs. Restore the Constitutional Republic, the Constitutional Role of the Government, Bring the troops home, a constitutional foreign policy, a sound monetary system, fiscal responsibility, cilvil liberties and the Bill of Rights.
THAT IS WHAT THIS NATION WAS FOUNDED ON - We need to stand together with Dr. Paul to remove the lawlessness and corruption that is this government now. We will not get a do over. This is it so we had better make this count. RON PAUL or RONPAUL that is the choices that we have.

Abandon all the gains?

We're making progress in Alaska, Iowa, NV and so many other states. We regained State GOP Chairman positions. And now you wanna start a new party? And abandon all the gains?

Come on, Judge.

No it's perfect

You gain control of all these parties, then each state party that we do control can secede from the GOP and join a new party. That way you leave the remaining GOP state parties that you will never gain control of, in the dust bin.

The GOP and the Democrat parties have put a bad taste in many peoples mouths.

That's a very interesting

That's a very interesting thought. We'll have to see how this all plays out by year's end.

Neo cons=

Perry and Palin..

Perry yes

Palin a NEOCon, um......no. NeoCons hate her.

GGN- A Warning to The Tea Party Nation From Chuck Baldwin

GGN- A Warning to The Tea Party Nation From Chuck Baldwin


It should be called the Liberty Party and adopt Libertarians

The message has to unite behind one party after Nov. The GOP is trash.

Rick Perry??? Mr. "Forced

Rick Perry??? Mr. "Forced Vaccinations?"

The Judge is clearly not a very good judge of character!!!

"Gardisil Rick"

As he is known.

Agreed on Perry

The judge was basing it off Perry's book, but again you need more than a party of one, otherwise that party will never win. Kicking people out because they are not "pure" enough is the problem with the Libertarian Party and the Constitution Party - they will never go anywhere.

Rick Perry was a Democrat,

Rick Perry was a Democrat, then a Republican, then a "Tea Bagger!" Rick will wear a dress and live on his knees if that's what it takes! He is subhuman!

Stupid Idea

And I thought Hamilton was the Federalist ? Many of the people the author mentions are not at all constitutionalists.

he said new federalist party

read what he means by Federalist, he is a very smart man.

hey that was my idea for the

hey that was my idea for the name, I think the judge has been on the Daily Paul reading. Awesome

I have no faith in Rick Perry and Sarah Palin

They occasionally talk a good game but I think they're both completely establishment. I think their goal is to co-opt Dr. Paul's message and trick us into more status quo. It might be the single worst thing for the liberty movement. I could take Peter Schiff, Judge Napolitano, Rand Paul, Gary Johnson, and Tom Woods. Those are all names I have faith in (some to a greater degree than others but I like all of them).

I don't like Perry, I will never support Gary Johnson.

I think Palin is the real deal, she just came out and supported the guy running against Dick Lugar.

Either way, you can't have a party of one, you need people that are 90% like minded, nobody is perfect.

I could never support Gary Johnson, I am pro life, and if you can't understand the basics, like the right to exist, then you don't understand liberty.

Gary Johnson

If you had a chance to choose between Romney and GJ, you'd take Romney? You know that his policies would likely kill more adults in war than GJ's pro-choice policy. I think we've had this discussion before.

who said I'm limited to Romney

I can always write in Ron Paul, vote for the CP candidate or not vote.