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Sometimes I think the problem in this country is...

...that people in our country have a certain concept regarding what living in a socialist country is like. We just assume that the US isn't one (even if, in many ways, it probably is). I remember in one of Lew Rockwell's podcasts that the guest, a guy who emigrated from (I think) Russia, commented how surprised he was that Americans took the words of the media and government at face value.

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Many years ago I heard someone say...

...that the television was a "one-eyed demon". If that isn't hitting the nail on the head huh?

You're absolutely right! A

You're absolutely right! A lifetime of grade school propaganda about how we live in the freest country in the world has left us in denial for the most part and until we realize that we already live in a socialist country that is rapidly leaving the rule of law behind for an increasing police state we will never mobilize people to make a change.

When the government assigns you a number at birth, keeps track of you your whole life and forces you into a government mandated retirrement program you live in a socialist country.

When the government can force you to buy health insurance then the whole idea of limited government is gone forever and there is literally no limit to what they can force on you. Ron Paul has woken a lot of us up to this while most people still mindlessly rant about how free we are.