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If Ron Paul were to win the nomination ...

Hypothetically, if Ron Paul wins the nomination via stealth delegates, in a situation where Romney was expected to have a clear majority going into the convention (I still have not found how hypothetically possible this is, and I would appreciate if people with knowledge could shed light on this), I would like to ask you all for your thoughts on some of the implications of this. Namely, do you have any concerns about how mainstream Republicans (and to an extent the general public) would react to this? Have you considered the possibility of a backlash in the general election? Have you thought about the effects on how the movement is viewed? Note that I'm not implying any answers to these questions. The sole purpose of this post is to stimulate discussion on something that hasn't really been talked about, but is of the utmost importance if Ron Paul were to get the nomination, which we must remember is really only the means to the means to an end (in case you didn't follow, the nomination is to get a shot at RP becoming president, where he would have a chance to implement his policies, which are the ends).

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from who?
The neocons?
Of course they will.

There's no getting around it.
But thankfully, they have no principles, and all the general public neocons want to do is beat Obama. If they will vote for RP against Obama, and we can deliver, they will be happy.
But the party Neocon big-wigs will never be happy about it, and they will fight to get back in power.

In their mad dash to discredit the GOP

Many in the media have unwittingly done a lot of the work for us by reporting on cases of election fraud here and there (and everywhere). You can fudge the popular vote, you can pad the numbers via the msm and you can marginalize Ron Paul- but you can't fake standing room only crowds, delegates or actual enthusiasm. So by their own reports, and ours- we can show that our delegates actually WERE indicative of the popular vote. Besides- whose going to complain? The only backlash will be contrived "protests" consisting of newsroom go-fers pretending to be upset Romney supporters on camera out in the studio parking lot. Actual people really couldnt give two-sh*ts. As a matter of fact theyd probably eat up a good underdog story (or at least some exciting buzzer-beater play in this yawnfest of politics as usual) Normal people would jump on the bandwagon and try to be part of such a crazy upset. Nobody is sooo excited about Mitt that theyd take a sign and wander out into the streets and protest an upset. What I'D do when he gets the nomination is wrap Ron Paul in bubble wrap and hide him until his debate with Obama.

I hope this would be the

I hope this would be the reaction in such a scenario. I fear, however, just from my experience with mainstream Republicans, that many of them would be upset by what they would see as Paul usurping the democratic will, and I think a backlash is definitely a possibility. How big it would be, I don't know, but I don't think it would be limited just to newsrooms.

Just one other note about your comment, doesn't the fact that RP supporters are more enthusiastic indicate that we get more delegates than the popular vote suggests we should get?

of course I've thought about it

I've talked about it too.

Politics is perception. Ron knows very well that he can't accomplish anything much with the wind of popular sentiment in his face, because like any politician the president only has such influence as he is perceived to have. This is exactly why he spends nearly all his breath PREACHING the message to anyone he can get ahold of. He wants to have a popular mandate. He wants to be president -- of a country which wants a president like him.

The reaction to a surprise delegate victory, should such a thing occur, will be very interesting, and it will be important for us to work hard to direct that reaction. The mind control media will be doing their part to misdirect it; we will need to counter their efforts and set the narrative. Short of that, I expect tremendous resistance.

It's hard, ultimately, to predict how it will play out, since it hasn't happened in our lifetimes. In that regard, it's a lot like the whole issue of our collapsing "global" currency.

What is begun in anger, ends in shame.

I have been making the same argument for months.

"Perception = Reality," which is why I have been SCREAMING at the campaign to broadcast ads with testimonials from foreign policy experts who back Dr. Paul and attacking Romney's "crony capitalist" contributors.

However, have you also considered "buyers remorse" among those who voted for Romney. World events are catching up with the "crony capitalists" as well as word-of-mouth regarding Ron Paul. Don't you sense the change? I, for one, am no optimist, but I can certainly feel the change in sentiment shifting towards Dr. Paul.

Then he becomes President of the United States of America.


The world is my country, all mankind are my brethren, and to do good is my religion.
-Thomas Paine

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Many educated people...

...will far outnumber the vote rigging machines and the media hyping of the false front that mitney is winning. The lame stream media propagandists actually thought they were going to get away with the play. Not this time. People are hep to the vote scam. This is America's last chance and those who know it are hard charging fighters!

They build castles on sand, we are on firm bedrock. Which will wash away during the storm?

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