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Nevada beware! RNC/Adeleson is working against RP

RNC to NV GOP: Don’t let Ron Paul delegates take over national convention slots or don’t bother coming to Tampa


n a letter delivered today to GOP Chairman Michael McDonald, the RNC's chief counsel said if Ron Paul delegates are allowed to take too many slots for the national convention, Nevada's entire contingent may not be seated in Tampa.

John R. Phillippe, Jr., said while his letter is not binding, "I believe it is highly likely that any committee with jurisdiction over the matter would find improper any change to the election, selection, allocation, or binding of delegates, thus jeopardizing the seating of Nevada’s entire delegation to the National Convention."

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Nevada gets 3 National Electors per congressional district

These are federal positions and can't be screwed with, if the GOP doesn't seat the Nevada delegation, I can guarantee those Nevada electors won't be voting for the Republican nominee, if it's someone other than Paul.

you mean like North Dakota

GOP State Committee did to Paul and Santorum supporters?

What is most disturbing...

What is most disturbing, beyond the fact that the corruption is so widespread, and committed by those nice clean-cut, suit-wearing “conservative” “Christian” republicans, is the fact that they know EXACTLY which type of fraud technique to use for EVERY situation, they have their operatives trained and in place well in advance and it’s carried out with ruthless efficiency. Friggin’ Masons!

GOP Corruption continues... grows as they panic!



Republican Corruption: The Election is half over.

May 2, 2012 by Doug Parris

No man can save America, no President or any movement’s leader. No Governor can save a State. Without the requisite mindset in the populace, all such “change” is illusory, all real improvement, temporary. Attempts to “plant democracy” without the cultural topsoil have failed all over the world. The question we face now is whether Liberty still has a habitat in American culture. The answer, based on Washington State Republican Party behavior, is murky.

Saturday the Washington State Republican Party reached a milestone. The King County Convention was the last scheduled (legal) event, ending the middle stage of choosing Washington’s delegates to the Presidential nominating convention in Tampa. Only the State convention (and an illegal County convention, contrived to cover up cheating) remain.

And it has become obvious that acquiring the “requisite mindset” for Freedom, the principled commitment to generate real change, to recapture lost liberty, to acquire real justice, to return, not to Constitutional government (that ideal is far distant), but to just some semblance of the rule of law, is a fading hope.

The ideological node that is the shrinking Reagan Wing of the Republican Party, as we mentioned here, has been heavily engaged in the convention and caucus process. In the design of strategy, in the training of leadership, in the deployment of political troops, and in the policing aspect of the process that holds the GOP to its own rules.

The GOP Left cheats.

Cheating has been instrumental to their domination of the Washington State Republican Party over the last thirty years. They have rules they insist their opponents follow that they, themselves, do not. Nevertheless, there is a process within the Convention and Caucus system to call them to account for that cheating.

Any delegate or delegation to the Washington State GOP Convention elected by illegal process may be challenged before the Credentials Committee.

Of course they don’t tell you this. None of the purportedly 1,500 people illegally barred from attending their precinct caucus in Benton County, for instance, were informed that they had a right to challenge the hacks who had turned them away. And if, by some miracle, any of the victims of that particular instance of Liberal Republican Cheating, discovered that there was such a process, they would not be told how to use it, how to file a challenge, what the written rules were, the nature of the Committee that could hear it, or the filing deadlines.

They have rules. They don’t obey them.
(As a general rule.)

In 2008 the cheating was Herculean. The Esser administration violated, and helped violate, County rules, State rules, National (RNC) rules, Robert’s Rules of Order, and Washington State Statutory Law (RCWs) to control the outcome of the process “working seamlessly with” McCain Chair and State Attorney General Rob McKenna, going so far as to bar nominations and mandate a single name on the ballot in Congressional District Caucuses.

So, this year, for the first time since I’ve been involved in the Party, we have a Committee to help the victims of Republican Establishment Cheating to achieve justice – an attempt to have the rules enforced against the organized crime wing of the Party. We have been investigating allegations of rules violations, collecting evidence, and helping victims write and file challenges with the State Credentials Committee through an artificially difficult process that, on balance, is skewed in favor, not of enforcing the rules, but of protecting the Establishment from real scrutiny.

And the experience of actually and repeatedly being present at the caucuses, of watching OUTRAGEOUS cheating, first hand, of receiving massive evidence of similar shenanigans all over the State and of engaging and helping others engage the process to attempt to secure redress of these grievances has made several things clear:

Violating Rules and cheating, misleading participants, falsifying records, obliterating transparency, and usurping the authority of the assembly – the rights of Republicans – has proliferated throughout the Washington State Republican Party.
When their corruption and rules violations are exposed the Establishment breaks more rules to cover up their earlier violations.
Key concepts, fundamental to the American Republic, have been lost in the minds of the GOP/Left Establishment:
The rule of law (that leaders are under the rules as much as their “subjects”).
That leaders don’t “own” the Party but are servants of those who elect them.
That powers not delegated to leaders are retained by the people (members).
That free speech and open discussion is not “obstruction,” but the PURPOSE of conventions.
That demanding adherence to the rules is not “disruption” of process but essential to the process itself.
AND… Advanced techniques of intentional cheating have been developed and tested in King County by the Sotelo – Young administration with the approval of corrupt State-level operatives and exported to other counties as a means to control outcomes (ie, to cheat at elections).

“If thou seest… violent perverting of judgment and justice in a province, marvel not at the matter: for he that is higher than the highest regardeth; and there be higher than they.”

If I did not believe those words I might be in despair over the state of my Party and the condition to which that corruption has brought the country.
Lowlights of the Washington State process so far?

Benton County, with the leadership of Sotelo trainee, Tony Benegas, found a way to hold EVERY SINGLE PRECINCT CAUCUS ILLEGALLY on opening day, March 3.
Whatcom County leadership actually trained PCOs in illegal voting procedures for its March 3 precinct caucuses.
Kitsap County Chair Jack Hamilton, having announced his intention to cheat even before it began, held what may be the worst counterfeit of a County Convention in history. The Kitsap delegates unlucky enough to actually hear about his unannounced affair and show up for it endured his verbal abuse, unilateral and illegal imposition of his private will on the assembly, a $50 fee, and at least one overt threat of violence. They got to see Hamilton break a rule with almost every action he took all day, including illegally and unilaterally closing down the Convention early with less than 22% of its delegates to State elected. A little song, a little dance, a little seltzer down the pants, eh, Jack?
Pierce County’s Cal Hunziger actually admitted to lying about the rules in the Caucus he chaired in order to attempt to manipulate the election process.
In Snohomish County, they barred the Santorum Campaign, to allow Romney supporters to masquerade as Santorum leadership. Garry Pagon, in pursuit of suppressing delegate speeches, devised rules to shut down the Convention early and Convention (and former County Central Committee) Chair Jim Kellett resorted to reconvening by email (!!!) in total violation of State Rules, just to pass a platform.
The King County Executive Board used illegal electronic voting procedures in every Legislative District caucus where KCGOP Premier Lori Sotelo’s (illegally partial) choice for chair was successfully elected and where he wasn’t, they STOLE THE BALLOTS.
In the 37th Leg. District, Sotelo, by lying to a Sheriff’s Deputy, succeeded in illegally evicting the Caucus from its own location. Wow.

“Lori Sotelo has been the most effective King County Republican Party Chairman in a generation.”

~ State Party Chair Kirby Wilbur, 2010

There is no end

To the underhanded tricks the GOP seems willing to pull. These kind of threats have to be against rules somewhere?!
I can't believe they are trying this crap in Nevada.... again.

Formerly rprevolutionist

unbind them

Just think, if they refuse to seat the Nevada delegates....that in itself is a huge net loss for Romney. So, either way it is a win.

Yes they can't win

Providing the Ron Paul delegates show up and are organised, to push thru rule changes.
It didn't happen in Alaska, but there is an even larger majority of Ron Paul delegates in the Nevada State Convention. Everyone is required. And expert advice on the ground is required to counter GOP hierarchy with whatever they might be planning.

GOP have to be worried to send out a letter like this.
And they don't want Nevada setting a precedent on gutting Romney's delegates.
Make it so.

"In the end, more than they wanted freedom, they wanted security. They wanted a comfortable life, and they lost it all -- security, comfort, and freedom. When ... the freedom they wished for was freedom from responsibility, then Athens ceased to be free."

dissing Nev voters 2 cycles in a row?

= nothing less than severe blowback

One day, I'm gonna' change my name to Dale Lee Paul

Forget it, Nevada will Elect Delegates

According the voting process, and those delegates will attend the national convention in representation of Nevada.

Anyone saying otherwise needs to be jailed for treason.

after we PWND his special late night caucus

On LIVE tv... I can imagine he'd be a little bitter.

I watched that live!!

One of the most exciting moments of the campaign for me was the midnight caucus, many people stood up and praised Paul and convinced people to vote for him, then reading the votes aloud....Ron Paul, Mitt Romney, Ron Paul, Ron Paul, Ron Paul, Ron Paul, Ron Paul, Ron Paul.

and the crowd only clapped when Ron Paul's votes were read.

last time i ever watched cnn haha

That guy at the end when they cut

was on FIRE!

One day, I'm gonna' change my name to Dale Lee Paul


for importance.

Romney Hacks trying to put a

Romney Hacks trying to put a little pressure on.

SCREW them...sorry for the language i am pissed that they think they can control what Nevada does????






To arms! To arms! The Redcoats are coming!

Truthbearer's picture

As the hackey sack...

...hacks get more and more desperate...they will be coming up with a lot of scummy corruptionous grime and dirty tricks.

We know then by their spots.