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More fun plastering signs all over San Diego for Dr. Paul!

Last night:

Let's see... I can stay up late on the DP, or catch up on some sewing, or do those dishes - they can wait til morning, or go read a book and fall asleep, or... oh what the heck - Dr. Paul is coming to town in two days, I guess I can go put up some more signs!

Today I made up some signs to post around San Diego for Dr. Paul's UCSD event. They're simple and easy to read for people passing by in cars, nothing fancy. I created a letter size one and a legal size one:


I printed off about 30 of the legal size and headed out for my daily errands. Before leaving home I uploaded them to the local meetup group site as well. When I got home an hour or so later I had a couple emails thanking me for posting them.

So tonight I'm out with a tape gun, stack of signs, and a camera in a junior college area. I'm posting one on a lamp post at a busy intersection and a young dude walks up to the intersection and out of the blue asks me what I like about Dr. Paul. We ended up having an awesome conversation about all kinds of things, from libertarianism to education and the economy, and at some point I had to say "Man, I'm sorry, I gotta go. I promised myself I'd get all these up tonight!"

Before we parted I told him to check out The Ultimate History Lesson with John Taylor Gatto (he said he's a history major). I didn't bring up the Daily Paul because he honestly seemed very left leaning (not that we're "right wingers", but that's the general impression foisted on us by many of our enemies and detractors), and I thought a Gatto lesson in true history would be a better starting off point for him. I wouldn't be surprised to see him again night after tomorrow though.

So as I continue on toward the college one of my signs catches my eye, stapled to a telephone pole. But wait a minute... I hadn't put one on a wooden pole since this afternoon... and that was in North Park... and this one was letter size... COOL!

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When you...

...put words like "bombing" and "attack" or one of a slew of other negative sounding words into a headline, it immediately gains the attention of those kinds of people that look for this and will make it look bad for the DP. If it is newsworthy, they will steal it, the one word, and make a headline like, RON PAUL SUPPORTERS "BOMBING" the La Jolla area....etc...blah...blah...blah.

So, your efforts are totally real and the best example of the kind of grass roots works we desperately need EVERYONE in California and Texas to be doing like the very life of the country depends on it.

Thank you for your great works and please encourage many more people in California, and Texas to get out and talk to your neighbors. Tell them this is not about left or right, it is about right and wrong. War is wrong. The economy is crashing because of the endless spending policies of the socialist govt. The very existence of America depends on whether or not people forget the left/right paradigm, the republicrat or demonpublican, and gets off their duff to go out to vote for America, not the banksters that are against us all.

Just a few thots to ponder.



That's pretty funny coming from someone whose avatar features two rifles crossed... just sayin' ;-)

Seriously though that crossed my mind for a fleeting moment. At your prompting I'll change the title. Something like "BEWARE! Attack of the Killer Ron Paul Sign Bomb Army!!!" should do the trick...


Good job

and so fulfilling as well as fun right? My daughter and I did the same thing recently the night before a local car show so the signs got lots of views. Your signs look much more professional than ours did, great job!

Well thanks

It's not how professional the signs are, but how many people see them and act on it, right? ;-)

Thank You!

I like the way you think.

Here in CA, I had an obviously plugged in Republican ask me what I was going to do, now that Ron Paul was out (in response to my Ron Paul hat).

I let him know what was really going on, but signs tell people that he's still an option!

It appears that Santorum and Gingrich will be on the ballot, so getting the word out is crucial!

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