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I think it's time we did a bit more head-start planning on Nebraska here. Post any relevant links or vital info and I will try to keep this thread's main post updated with content as a hub!

Anything we the people of DP wish to have contained on this main post, we can call a vote for within the thread! I will add high ranking suggestions!


35 Total Delegates
3 RNC, 9 CD and 23 AL

-Selection Method-
Delegates are bound for 2 ballots to use “best efforts” to vote for the candidate indicated on their personal preference form, unless candidate receives less than 35% of the vote on the first ballot.
- 32 Bound
- 3 Unbound

-Important Dates-
Non-Binding Primary: 5/15/12
County Conventions: 6/1/12-6/10/12
State Convention: 7/14/12

-Selection Details-
AL – Delegate allocation: Delegates allocated to candidate indicated on individual preference form
Delegate election: at State Convention
CD – Delegate allocation: Delegate allocated to candidate indicated on individual preference form
Delegate election: at CD Caucus held at State Convention



- sovereignjanice's - (TO BE ADDED) Nebraska specific handout! - Free Candidate Comparison Sheet Handout "Honest Ron" Paul vs Mitt Romney 4th Edition
- The Green Papers - Nebraska

To speak with the leaders at the Nebraska GOP call: 402-475-2122
Or click on the Nebraska GOP website: http://negop.org/


Will post important info here from other peoples posts. Click on the headline to go to their thread!

Nebraska's primary is non-binding (Original post: Tue, 05/01/2012)

"Nebraska's primary is non-binding. County conventions aren't until the first week in June. Delegates for county conventions had to be registered by March 1. Not a lot further can be done at this point."

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Hey, I am quoted! That's

Hey, I am quoted! That's pretty cool :)

Im a little confused...

So is this like Missouri's primary in that it really is meaningless...or does the vote matter? and do we have delegates set to attend the conventions?

Nebraska holds a non-binding primary

Delegates are NOT bound by the popular vote in Nebraska. We have delegates going to the conventions..some counties look better than others.

So ..

pretty much next tuesday there really is nothing to look forward to as Oregon mails in their votes and Nebraska's primary does not matter AT ALL..

The county conventions is where to put your focus.

The popular vote in Nebraska is a beauty contest.