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A warning about RT from the John Birch Society

I know RT gives Ron Paul some fair media coverage, but keep in mind that it is a Russian outfit. I am not saying that RT is bad, but what I am saying is to continue to do your own research and come up with your own answers.


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According to the John Birch

According to the John Birch Society, the only people in the world who aren't part of a satanic communist conspiracy is the John Birch Society.

The old "Us vs Them" meme is popular.

No remedy: You shall surely die.

That's what I read.

Free includes debt-free!

So silly from JBS

Red menace!Be afraid, be warned!!! What a rubbish.People should watch everything,hear everyone, and believe absolutely nothing and no one, before making their own informed decisions based on carefully checked facts.RT has an agenda,no doubt about that, so is everybody else in the propaganda business.

JBS should look in the mirror one more time and start dealing with the "Red Menace" right from where they are.


there are Marxists in the White House and the GOP has been infiltrated with RINOs and leftist Neocons and used as a fake contolled opposition foil for the collectivist statists. Ron Paul is called "fringe" and a "nutjob" for his adherence to the law of the Constitution.
The JBS were right.

Sorry about the

double post

Thanks, very interesting

I am trying to cautious when evaluating all information these days, learning how news is served with a dash truth and a helping of propaganda.

Prepare & Share the Message of Freedom through Positive-Peaceful-Activism.

I will watch this later today, but...

I have MAJOR issues with John Birch Society...it's them I don't trust. I'll wait to see what they have to say this evening after work.

Silence isn't always golden....sometimes it's yellow.

"The liberties of a people never were, nor ever will be, secure, when the transactions of their rulers may be concealed from them." - Patrick Henry


Of JBS,i can tell you that you mistrust the wrong people.virtually everything that the JBS has said in the past has happened in spades.Just look at who controls your government now.The JBS has spent many many years sounding a warning regarding the elites who are now enslaveing us.Unfortunately,by and large people like you didn't listen.The JBS of course turned out to be right.Vote me down all you like.remain blind if you choose.It doesn't change the facts.

Some see things as they are and say why,but i dream things that never were and say why not. Robert F. Kennedy

There is a reason

The "Biirrrchherrrs" are so vilified. I'll listen to them.

JBS spoke out as 170 million were executed by marxist-leninists.

That infuriates the progressive elites.

The Press is what it is, forget that at your peril.

Free includes debt-free!

the "elites" are progressive?

the "elites" are progressive? hmmm...you really have me confused now.

Yes, the elites are progressive

The elites, AKA 1% are who is establishing the UN Agenda 21, NWO.

The world has grown small for them, overpopulated, cancerous, and they blame people, not THEIR mega conglamorate corporations.

The people who call themselves progressives want to make sure we the people do not ruin the planet for the elites who own it. They want to serve us in the name of doing good things for us, not protecting our right to serve and protect ourselves, to set our own limits and laws, but to serve us, the agenda of the elite. Why isn't Occupy protesting the fed? Way wallstreet? Wallstreet took bailout money it needed because it's dependent on the Keynesian econimic policy, though Wall street would prefer capita;lism and letting the free market actually work.

Haha, I really don't know

Haha, I really don't know where to start with this one. This is vulgar libertarianism at its worst.

The crazy dichotomy you've created between Wall St. and policy making is pretty ridiculous. There is not a shred of difference between Wall St. and the policies of congress. We should be intelligent enough to know that by now. It made me laugh really hard to see someone comment in a way sympathetic to Wall St. as if they're the poor, poor banks that wanted a freed market to prevail. This is a two way street. The central bank was their idea and it took them and congress to create it. Not a bunch of anti-war, pro-civil rights progressives. Those comments coupling progressives with "the elites" is the kind of divide and conquer game Glen Beck would play. Hysterically going on about "the NWO" is not winning anyone over either.

Vulgar Libertarianism?

When in doubt, insult.

Congress did not create or establish Wall Street. Congress has regulated, taxed, and established a Federal Reserve Bank based in Keynesian Economics to control Wall Street. I'm sure most people who work on Wall Street will correctly tell you they do not work for government. Wall Street did not want a Central Bank. That's like saying a dog wants a leash. A good dog might appear that it loves it's leash by bringing the leash to it's master, but what the dog really loves is going for a walk.

I don't watch Glann Beck. I never owned a TV. I worked for Nader's campaign for 12 years on Indy ballot access, and while I did come from the Libertarian Party, I saw more Libertarians going NNP to support Nader, than any progressives going GOP to support Ron Paul.

I'm going to write a letter to my editor... what do you think? I joined the GOP last year when Ron Paul annouced he was running (about 1 yr to the month), and then I petitioned and won a seat on the Republican Central Committee, so I'm REPUBLICAN now.. big time.. wow.. I was able to do it because there are so few Republicans, allot of progressives. You can tell by their bumper stickers. There is a popular on that symbolized two things, #1, "I live here", #2 No Oil Drilling.

No oil drilling... many of these cars will have an additional sticker tp drive the point that they are progressive: PEACE or NO WAR.

Here's a good laugh... these progressives are driving cars that demand OIL. DEMAND GAS. They have stickers that say NO drilling and No war... we all know war is for oil.. right? So where do these progressives think we're going to get the oil for thm to drive their signs around? I think they are nice people who mean well, but don't think things through. I want to ask in the paper where they want the oil to come from by next year.

My reference to your

My reference to your statement as vulgar libertarianism is not meant to be insulting. The definition of the term coined by Kevin Carson is: "a phrase that describes the use of a free market rhetoric in defense of corporate capitalism and economic inequality."

The very accurate description in wikipedia regarding the creation of the Federal Reserve goes something like this: "At the end of November 1910, Senator Nelson W. Aldrich and Assistant Secretary of the U.S. Treasury Department ([Special Assistant of the National Monetary Commission)] A. Piatt Andrew, and 6 more of the country's leading financiers ([Frank Vanderlip, president of the National City Bank of New York, Henry P. Davison, senior partner of J.P. Morgan Company, and generally regarded as Morgan’s personal emissary; and Charles D. Norton, president of the Morgan-dominated First National Bank of New York. Joining the group just before the train left the station were Benjamin Strong, also known as a lieutenant of J.P. Morgan; and Paul Warburg, a recent immigrant from Germany who had joined the banking house of Kuhn, Loeb)], who together represented about one-fourth of the world's wealth[citation needed], arrived at the Jekyll Island Club to discuss monetary policy and the banking system, an event that led to the creation of the current Federal Reserve. According to the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta, the 1910 Jekyll Island meeting resulted in draft legislation for the creation of a U.S. central bank."

So no, congress did not technically create Wall St., but the biggest corporate cronies on Wall St. and their pocketed congressmen DID create the Federal Reserve TOGETHER, which in turn molded Wall St. into what it is today. Blaming it on one of them is conveniently leaving out other variables in the equation. The state is more than a congress.

Since you worked for Nader's campaign, you should know Nader's version of progressivism is nothing similar to the rule of "the elite" we are experiencing at the moment.

1906 San Francisco had an earthquake

There were 37 national banks operating there. That Earthquake caused a GLOBAL economic recession the next day, and the day after that, it came to be known as the CA earthquake because banks were destroyed from San Luis Obisbo to Eureka. The US Army dynamited San Franciso for three days. The mint is there. They don't give tours anymore. Jekyll Island Club brought national banks together in a central bank that served the government, as MIC has expanded and created wars to sustain. The federal reserve has more power than U.S. government in every level.

Nader isn't a progresive in my opinion. Yes, he gets stuff published in progressive media, but his start was writing for Christian Science.

Nixon ripped Nader off, you see Nader had this brilliant idea, that non-profits could provide allot of jobs,, we could have thousands of consumer reports, seals of good housekeeping like non-profits. Nader is credited with "inventing the EPA, OSHA, numberous protection acts.. but he didn't expect them to become government departments. That was not his idea. He likes the idea of the US workig with the UN. He's not hip to the idea that the UN would take the world over. I find him very conservative.

Progressives, the ones here, DRIVE with two stickers, No Drilling Oil, and No War. What's the solution if you can't drill or fight for the oil your car takes to drive? Why are they driving.. what are they thinking?

Thank you for explaining "vulgar libertarianism".

As an old dead head, where the parking lot AKA Shakedown Street was a free market, where one could buy anything they wanted, no regulations, no taxes, no rules... beg, barter, pay in gold or FRNs... I would say vulgar libertarianism is going to a greatful dead show and buying as many goo balls and marijuana brownies as you can and sharing them with anyone who happens to ask if theuy are any good.

I can't see what you're

I can't see what you're seeing.

It's pretty clear to me that they are progressives. They wouldn't have any power in a free market.

this is conflation.

this is conflation. progressivism does not automatically amount to those things which are anti-free market.

Progressive Era used the 10 Planks of Marx as their blueprint.

Read the planks, see if you agree.

Income tax, central bank, control of transportation and communication and so on. Wiki has list of laws passed by the 62 and 63 Congress.

Free includes debt-free!