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TransCanada & the Keystone XL Pipeline. Things we all should be aware of.

Rand Paul & Mitt Romney both support the TransCanada Keystone Pipeline. Got to wonder what the kickbacks have been looking like for giving in to those lobbyists from TransCanada. Crazy.

The Canadian Corporation that will profit most.

**Please check out these links.

Pros vs. Cons of the Keystone XL Pipeline.

Both of these links are very much worth looking in to. As for now, I still am not exactly sure what Ron Paul has stated regarding the Keystone XL Pipeline.

We do however know that Rand Paul seems to be 'For' the Keystone XL Pipeline. Rand is also against EPA regulations through the construction of the pipeline. (Not necessarily against the company itself making its own strict regulations.)

The big thing to me is eminant domain, and how some in the government do not mind running this pipeline right through private land. There truly seems to be HUGE political gain to be made by being either for or against this bill, depending on what a politician's base thinks. There is large bi-partisan support both for and against this Keystone XL Pipeline.

I am at this point, very much against it. I would hope that more people that have been for it, will take a good look at the Pros & Cons of it. Once it is Unconstitutional, IT BECOMES A CON... Yes, the entire project.


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Buffet gets the rail road if

there is no pipe. From Canada to US. In Alaska this summer - the biggest well in the history is scheduled to be finished. It's treacherous to get through to it in the winter due to ice. I presume it must be piped. All these wars - all about suppressing the flow of oil. Ultimate greed of the queen and her cousin.



It is interesting that Romney would make this his goal on Day 1.

How is the Keystone Pipeline such a priority? Why is teaming up with a VERY controversial TransCanada corporation such a priority?

The protesting going on this week is in protest mainly of two top issues: NATO & the Keystone Pipeline.


And we all need to also wake up to this Garbage that Romney is boasting about:


Just another new name for Romneycare?

Get ready for it. Jack Hunter already pointed out that Romney wants to spend 2.1 trillion compared to Obama's 1.2 trillion for our increasing militarism. On top of that, you can start to see Romney make a push for his Romneycare now too?

Sure, Romney is going to "Repeal Obamacare", only to bring about "Romneycare".

It's like I've been saying for a long time;
Voting for "Anybody but Obama" is the 2012 ignorant equivalent of voting for "Hope & Change" in 2008.

Just heard one of the Maine Senators talk about Keystone.

He boldly stated that he supports Keystone.

It's tough for me at the moment to clearly tell if that automatically makes a Republican like that, a RINO.

Misinformed or Politics as usual for some?

I'm opposed to it.

It's not an American company, and it won't be American jobs.
It's not American oil, and it's being piped to a place which is not America, to be sold to non-Americans.
We get nothing out of it, and bear all the risks of spillage and problems, along with hassles of having it cut across our whole country, and displacing American people with eminent domain.

I simply don't see even one good aspect about it.
It's some cockamamie globalist crapola.

I wouldn't support it at all.

keystone pipeline- thanks but no thanks

I agree with you. Plus, since it would be an underground pipeline, any leaks/spills of the toxic slurry would contaminate our underground aquifers (critical to most farmers, ranchers, etc.), which would be impossible to clean up.

I don't know much about it...however

I remembered a recent statement from Romney about it so I looked it up:

Romney: I’ll build Keystone pipeline even ‘if I have to do it myself’

After November, he won't have much to do, so grab a shovel Mitt. :)

That would be fun to watch!

Good chance that this would be the first time Romney would get a crowd of over 2,200. I would "Rally Around" watching Romney build this pipeline... of course as long as he builds it by himself. :-)


Thanks for the chuckle--

it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--