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Fox News: Ron Paul has Qualified to be on ballot at Convention

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The Question of Journalist integrity Carl Cameron

The question is "Do You have any" ??

I was in a empty house in Greenville SC

in 2007 that was for sale with 20 other people who had traveled from all over the USA. The owner was a Ron Paul supporter and was letting us stay there for a few days because we were walking neighborhoods passing out slim jims for the primary. I remember how absolutely irate all of us were when that son of a whore Carl Cameron asked that question. I will never forget that.


Aren't you the same reporter who mocked Dr. Paul at one of the debates by asking Dr. Paul if he had any "electability" on air. You even got a few "snickers" from your colleagus in the press. This looked like some obligatory delivery, as if to pass yourself off as being a fair and honest "journalist". Why didn't you ask Gingrich if he had any?

With all due respect, I will no longer be a voting prostitute for Constitution rejecting harlots.

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So since I haven't watched it yet, tell me

Does Cameron go into uncontrollable convulsions and start throwing up as he finishes the announcement?

I hope so.

I'd have to go make some popcorn for that.


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A 20-second snippet of airtime was all it was worth.

Now they will spend the next 23 hours, 59 minutes and 40 seconds of the day ignoring it.

I'm sure this is interesting

I'm sure this is interesting but I can't bring myself to open this video due to this jackass reporter's face staring back at me. I WILL NEVER FORGET YOUR TREATMENT OF DR. PAUL IN THE DEBATES. 'Scuse my French, people.

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Keep spinning, Carl. LOL, "Romney and the GOP

are delighted" to have Ron Paul pulling in the young folks. AS IF they weren't gnashing their teeth in envy at all the voters who WILL NEVER transfer to Romney. RP or not at all!


cameron is a zionst shill.

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Wait - It's FOX News - Let me guess without even watching it -

"Ron Paul has Qualified to be on ballot at Convention..."

"But he's never going to win."

Am I right?

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I think they have learned better

than to do that by now, what with all the massive crowds he draws. Then again...


About the rest of you pessemists,but it's sounds pretty good to me when these jackasses start eating crow,and admitting that Dr.Paul actually has a shot.Just look at them folks,their terrified.Their worst nightmare is comingtrue.the sleeping giant ain't sleeping anymore.Stop being so down in the mouth and be proud of what you've accomplished so far.KEEP IT UP! Don't let down for one minute.Remember this is for your children,if for no other reason.

Some see things as they are and say why,but i dream things that never were and say why not. Robert F. Kennedy

Credibility ......

do you have any Carl?


made my morning.

How soon we forget.

This was the same minion who called RP "unelectable" in the 2008 debates. F*** you Carl is what I utter every time I see his face. Some may say that's rather harsh. No, it's what the presstitutes deserve for dishonoring our nation.

I wouldn't trust anything they had to say as a rule.

Good or bad.

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rp4, that is the first thing

rp4, that is the first thing I thought, too. Reminds me of a story from the Aquarian Gospel of Jesus. He was being held in a prison and a secret door opened up and a guy came out and told Jesus he had tricked his incarcerator for years, and was trusted, but he was on Jesus' side and he came to get Him out, so implored Him to come with him. Jesus basically said that the guy had just admitted he had been a liar and a sneak, so why should He believe him now? Told him to leave, and passed the test they had made up for Him.. Cameron is a snake.

Fox wrong again...

boy, they have no clue about the delegate process. He hasn't qualified just yet and that is why the campaign is staying quiet on this. It sure looks like he will qualify, though! These so called journalists are so ignorant. Do they ever do their homework?