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Indiana, North Carolina, and West Virginia Voters, Let's Win by Proving the Vote: Action Plan

Attention all Indiana, North Carolina, and West Virginia Voters and also voters in the next round of primaries. There are tens of thousands of people in these states who will be voting for Dr. Paul. However, will these votes be counted?

Tom Roten, local WV talk show host, says his state has a vast history of election fraud. In 2008 Ron Paul was cheated out of votes in this state. Let's make sure it doesn't happen again.

Here is Your Action Plan to Prove the Vote

It is realized that campaigning and canvassing are the most important actions on election day. Yet, if the votes are corrupted, what good does it do? So equally important is to confirm the vote.

How to Conduct an Exit Poll
It is easy to conduct an exit poll. Anyone can do it. Plus, it is your legal right. The area surrounding the polls is public property, no matter what the status. For the day/hours of the election it is entirely a public place, both inside and immediately outside the polls.

No one can chase you out. If they do, it is a serious offense. You could call the sheriff on them. They are at fault.

There are two ways to collect the data. Either use a simple piece of paper, as found on www.healthfreedom2012.com, attached to a clip-board, or make individua ballots with little squares, where people mark an “x” for their choice. Either one is strong evidence for the vote count. A gross violation of a properly conducted exit poll is suspicion of fraud.

The margin of error for such an exit poll is small, usually less than 5%.

The numbers have to be significant, though. For a presidential primary at least 300 people should be polled in various precincts and preferably 500 or more. A polling of 1000+ voters is extremely significant and would surely indicate the real trend.
I simply took a clip board with the attached exit poll form and did the poll, as follows: “Would you mind clicking your preference for presidential candidate here?,” of course while holding the clipboard facing them and handing them a pen. They click or cross the line in groups of five.

You can also ask a simple question such as “What was the main reason you voted for this candidate?” The results can be highly revealing. The exit poller could pick up trends, which could make the basis for an article or interview or aid in canvassing for candidates in that area in the future.

However, the big thing is to get the numbers. Certified with the witness affidavit, it acts as evidence against the fraud.
Now, if you do set up a camera on a tri-pod, all the better. This is a kind of protection also against harassment, which is inevitable, especially by those responsible for the cheating. If this isn’t feasible, simply do the poll.

It is called an exit poll for a reason. Stand right a few feet from the exit. This is by far the best place to be. Be unbiased. Try to poll everyone, even people who might not appear to be Paul friendly.
Then, count and upload the results via the Witness Affidavit on www.RonPaulVoteCount.org.

Where should I poll?
The most powerful places to poll are those with the most voters. Precincts with over 300 voters are ideal. Poll wherever you can. But a few polls at big precincts will be highly revealing as well as statistically accurate.

Tools you’ll need
digital camera
one or more clip boards (in a big precinct they will be coming out faster than one person can control, so the extra clipboards for helpers
exit poll forms
SEE: http://www.healthfreedom2012.com/Health_Freedom_2012_Exit%20..., or exit poll ballots, which you can make up

There are some basic rules:
• only talk to voters AFTER they have left the polls (don’t even say hi while they are entering)
• dress professionally, ideally in a sport jacket, wool slacks, and tie or for women a business suit; if not this, then, a proper shirt and tie for men
• Be sure (this is obvious) not to wear any candidate paraphernalia. If you do have literature and wish to give it to an exiting voter, that is your right; however, you must do so at a proper distance (depending on the poll site, usually 100 feet away)
Set down the rules with the data gathering team.

Precautionary actions:
Make sure and call the elections board and alert them of your presence. If using a video camera, which is your right, alert them of this. You may wish to alert the local sheriff. Keep readily handy the phone numbers for both the election board and the sheriff, ideally plugged into your cell phone.

Coordinated action: voter affidavits
Ideally, there should be a Ron Paul voter table at the poll. Here, a person campaigns for votes as people go in and also hands out strategic information on delegates (most important). Simultaneously, the table will serve as a means to identify Paul voters as they enter and exit.

Upon exiting, each of these voters must be given an affidavit. Urge them to fill it out and get it notarized. If possible, Ron Paul-supporting notary public could be on-site, to capture the affidavit immediately. This can then be uploaded by the voter to www.RonPaulVoteCount.org. The voter should be encouraged to make at least three copies of that affidavit, and retain them in a secure place.

Happy exit polling. Let’s get some real numbers for the May 8th contests.

Note: I will post a video of the exit poll I conducted in Milwaukee County, where Paul won and took second in the polled precincts, as soon as possible. Keep in mind that Milwaukee County has yet to certify their results, after the County was served for potential election shenanigans. Proving the vote works. We just have to do it.

Also, just recorded a show with ClearChannel's Tom Roten, West Virginia, urging people to get out the vote and warning of the fraud. Show airs Monday, a.m. He's a huge fan and just interviewed Rand Paul: http://www.800wvhu.com/pages/tomroten.html (6-9 a.m. EST).

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Yes let's keep our focus on every single individual state! Be PROactive, not REactive!



"In the end, more than they wanted freedom, they wanted security. They wanted a comfortable life, and they lost it all -- security, comfort, and freedom. When ... the freedom they wished for was freedom from responsibility, then Athens ceased to be free."

Added this thread

to my TOOLS section for the HUB threads I made for those 3 states! Excellent resource! Thank you!

The Most Important & Relevant Speech of Our Time!
Just 2 steps, be the media!!!

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More wonderful work from Dr. K -- thanks


One thing is abundently clear,

The access to the vote and ballot count needs to be remove from the RNC, DNC, GOP, and the Democrat. An Independent count INSIDE the US by AMERICAN CITIZENS - Not out of the country like Spain. obama in particular needs to be removed from any affiliation with the vote process.

If each state RP campaign org does not combat fraud we lose

I even suggest the RPers do this by teaming up with other RPers even if the campaign will or can not coordinate/lead. Remember to be nice, look presentable - dont scare people. And get an exit poll count that is recorded - if not recorded it didn't happen. If e do now guard agaist fraud, rigging - then we can not have a real chance of slowing Romney down.


Information and Idea. Thanks

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I'm going to 'practice' on my ballot for Municipal Vote

A PHOTO of the voting machine display...

AND the Affidavit I printed out from the website!

Susie 4 Liberty