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100th anniversary of the FED - How to mark the day.

How shall we mark this day, a day and an event that brought many of us together in a common goal, 100 years later?

I say lets start now, in addition to spreading the word about that date in the blogs and other social media, we should be calling those representatives TODAY who have yet to sign on to co-sponsor H.R. 459.

Yesterday, I had sent out an email to my new delegates who I helped train for the next years 2 year term. I had them call their reps to encourage them to co-sponsor the bill, each of them told me how easy it was, I congratulated them, and wrote, in addition to becoming a delegate and precinct captain...today you have become an activist.

Current co-sponsors here

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There is much happening, but we can take a few moments to continue our efforts to carry on our vision to...


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100th Anniversary

2010 was celebrated as the 100th year anniversary of the federal reserve. Dont believe me , look it up. BROOKLYN NY...


December 2013 will be 100 years since the legislature

I believe that is the date that is being ridden on, (esp since 2010 is already past heh)

Don't renew the charter

That's how we mark the day. We do everything in our power to make this the biggest political issue of 2013. All of us who have talked the talk need to walk the walk on this. Force these politicians to understand that it would be political suicide if the supported the renewal of the charter.

Took the words...

Right out of my mouth.

And though the charter is most likely to be renewed, I have been thinking that even though the charter is in effect, a sitting president could pull power away from the fed by issuing treasury notes and begin pulling federal reserve notes out of circulation. Then the Federal Reserve would have a charter to go f**k themselves.

Love the post

But the wording is a little misleading:
"How shall we mark this day, a day and an event that brought many of us together in a common goal, 100 years later?"

this to me, gave impression that today (5/3/2012) is 100 years vice (12/23/2013). Im not trying to be a grammar or english jerk here, just requesting a tad rewording so it isnt potentially misread by others. (Lord knows, I dont use perfect english and grammar, if I did, Chrome wouldnt be underlining all these words that Im purposefully messing up.)

And I only care about the date, because Im hoping that, as Paul suggested, the anniversary will be marked with the End of the Fed!