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eBay's Coin Auction Policies Being Expanded by 'Partnering' with Coin Cabalists

eBay's Coin Auction Policies Being Expanded by 'Partnering' with Coin Cabalists

Published by Charleston Voice, 5.3.12

Experienced coin buyers will recognize eBay is expanding its squeeze on the smaller coin dealers/individual sellers on its auction platter.Eliminating competition is the goal of these coin dealer insiders represented by something called the Numismatic Consumer Alliance.

As you'd expect the NCA is taxpayer-subsidized by cloaking its "consumer protection" deception as a "New Jersey Nonprofit Organization".

It's founder, John Albanese of Blanchard still has close ties to two of the three authorized eBay-approved "coin certifiers", PCGS and NGC. From our lifelong familiarity, Blanchard has always been a high premium dealer with their products usually plentifully available elsewhere at lower prices. Marketing is their strength, not quality with competitive pricing.

In effect this 'partnering' (conspiring?) of the larger dealers with eBay is just another step to dislodge consumer grading judgement by entrusting "experts". These corrupting coin cabalists will do much to discourage newbies from entering the coin collecting hobby.

We, and you too, should remove all the dealer contributing participants from your preferred list of trusted dealers.

Varied reactions in response to new eBay coin listing policy

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At its core, with the serial

At its core, with the serial numbers et al. it just seems like another way the government will keep track of what we buy, etc. Seems like with every passing day, more usurpation of our freedoms come to light.


I'm mostly interested in silver content, but I'm glad to hear the info on this, having gotten the e-mail from eBay.

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