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Americans Elect a scam to disqualify Paul delegates?

I have seen a video which lays out information that Americanselect.com is a scam to potentially disqualify Paul delegates to the national convention. Is this true? If so, it would seem important to really get this information out to Paul supporters.

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Do you really thing they created Americans Elect just to trick Ron Paul supporters? Just to keep Ron Paul from winning Republican delegates? That is just not reality. This kind of thinking gives Ron Paul supporters a bad name - paranoid conspiracy theorists.

Reminds me of the song lyric "You don't know a good think when you've got it in your hand".

Let's take advantage of the opportunity that AE gives us - Let's give Ron Paul the OPTION to accept the nomination through AE and WIN the Presidency.

California is almost there with over 900 votes. Texas is close behind with 700. Vote in your state today. We can do this!


Terence W.


Richard Winger has been keeping tabs on AE at his excellent website, www.ballot-access.org. The April issue of Winger's newsletter is available at the site, which includes his monthly spreadsheet tracking the ballot-access status of the LP, CP, Green and, now, AE.

Sigh. Nobody, I MEAN NOBODY,

Sigh. Nobody, I MEAN NOBODY, here has urged delegates to sign. In fact, those who favor this BACK-UP PLAN, have been very careful to urge delegates not to sign.

Here's what you need to do to find YOUR truth about AE

Go to the AE website and read everything, but do not agree to anything, don't sign up for anything.

Then, go to you Secretary of State, and search Americans Elect, and read if they quaified (If they did, as in CA, is your state a Ron Paul state, as is CA)? Here in CA, AE is a party, but they are not clear about being a party on their web page.

I believe they were set up in Ron Paul states, to get Ron Paul supporters to sign, so that Ron Paul delegates that signed could be eliminated for agreeing to be a delegate to TWO parties.

They are now trying to get Ron Paul signatures, so Ron Paul is their chosen guy by people who joined. If they don't get those signatures, since no one else got as many signatures as Ron Paul, they may select Ron Paul... that will hurt the Ron paul delegates who signed... but for thiose who want a new party... they can join AE and start from the bottom, trying to beat Romney/Obama.

That's why many delegates here have asked folks not to sign up. People who are waiting for Ron Paul to go Indy encourage you to sign up... not knowing AE is a third party in CA.

AE is not open and honest, and I doubt Ron Paul will accept their nomination.

bigmikedude's picture

If you are a delegate - then don't even LOOK at the site.

Your IP address is on it permanently then.

I ask you as delegates - Is it worth the risk for one second to be disqualified as a GOP delegate?

It might be "one" delegate that makes the difference at Tampa.

Then I should abstain from being a delegate?

First, though "tapped", no one will know who is a delegate until after the primary election is CA. Romney wins, I'm not going to be the delegate (and if my central committee can help it, I won't be the delegate for Ron Paul.. no one will).

I went to AE when I first saw them last year. I remember reading about them, not likei8ng them, and moving on. to find them here. So thety have my IP, and I should admit to the Ron Paul campaign I looked up AE, they have my IP and I may not be able to be a delegate?

They got me. Shame.

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Synicism aside Grange,

The point is simply, why risk one's delegate position?

The current GOP is at the level of criminals. You can bet they are doing anything and everything they can possibly plot and scheme to stop us. And there is not one shred of proof or guarantee that AE (which popped up out of the clear blue sky overnight) is not a trap of some schemed up kind.

I'm just saying to delegates think of all possibilities, now matter how remote, before you risk that.

True bigmikedude, yet

I'm saying that I alreday risked it since I went there last year, eh?

If Ron paul wins the election, as much as I would love to be the delegate, seems to me It's best I admit I looked at the AE site last year, they ave my IP, and it's best not to risk me?

Seems to me, I would have to had signed up and agreed to go to the June 15th AE convention to nominate a candadate? So to me, as long as you don't go to the June 15TH AE convention to vote for Ron Paul... the GOP delegate position shouldn't be a problem.. we should have the right to look at the AE site and not get dinged... but gee.. beats having planes flying into the Tampa arena.

Though it's been said many times...it is run by the CFR

If you look at who is running americanselect.com, it is a bunch of members of the Council on Foreign Relations. I do not know what their end goal is, but it is safe to say that the CFR does not support the constitution and is no friend to liberty. They do not want a free republic. Therefore, I would stay far away from americanselect.com.

We all want progress, but if you're on the wrong road, progress means doing an about-turn and walking back to the right road; in that case, the man who turns back soonest is the most progressive.

-C. S. Lewis

I believe it has all the potential to do so...

There is really no need to join an organization like this, and in a Ron Paul Delegate training session they warned about joining a group like this. If there is a record of you joining or involving yourself with any group outside of the Republican party and they have some proof, you can be disqualified from participating in the GOP. This is only my understanding of this, and may not be complete or even factual, but I see joining that group as equal to joining the Democratic party in this stage of the game. Also, I just wanted to say that I LOVE YOU GUYS! It's so great to know that even thousands of miles away, Americans are banding together in support of a real Presidential Candidate and Great Man like Dr. Paul and taking time out of your busy days to fight for a better future for our Kids and Grand Kids. Thanks again and Keep up the Great work!

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Maybe AE is a scam for that purpose..

Maybe this post is a scam to keep Paul from qualifying for AE as well...

I guess we'll never know so we all have to make our own decisions, which means Ron Paul delegates should just stay away from AE altogether. Don't touch it with a 10 foot pole. Don't even visit the site.

Anyone else, well, make your own decision, and knock yourself out.

Nothing strategically wrong with the movement operating in numerous separate factions on possibly advantageous separate fronts.

I understand your caution

I understand your caution regarding my post as I have just signed up today on DP, I have however been on this site for quite some time. I guess that is the why we are here on DP, to make up our own minds and discern for ourselves, right? But information is the key to understanding and I agree the above posts that we stay away from anything that may cause issues for the Good Dr. and our chances to win this thing.

If you have been here for "quite some time"

then you would know that this topic has been covered ad nauseum! Next time do a search so as not to post a topic that has been discussed to death and always receives a hugely negative response. We're sick of it.

AE is the only way to win the Presidency

The delegate plan?

I want him to run for President. If you agree, please watch this short video (arguments FOR Americans Elect) and then make up your own mind.


Terence W.