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Bachmann to endorse Romney ?

Rep. Michele Bachmann plans to endorse Mitt Romney today at a campaign event in Portsmouth, VA.

Before Bachmann dropped out of the 2012 GOP Presidential race in January after her Iowa 5% 5th place finish , Bachmann has a record of sharply criticizing Romney for supporting a health care plan as the governor of Massachusetts from 2003-2007 , much like the one later embraced by President Obama , calling Romneys mandated health insurance in Massachusetts nothing less then a blue print for today's Obamacare .

In December 2011, Bachmann said, " We also know that Mitt Romney is the only governor in the history of the United States to put into place Socialized Medicine. Mitt Romney will never get rid of the health care mandate under Obamacare." Her endorsement could help Romney attract the staunch conservative and tea party vote which shunned him during this primarry season . Bachmann had often contrasted herself to Romney by saying that she was the only true conservative in the race, as well as the candidate favored by the tea party.

Texas Congressman Ron Paul has won a majority of both Iowa and Minnesota delegates long after their primaries have ended , providing a boost to Paul's campaign many political observers and the Lamestream Media have tried to declare over.

On January 25, 2012, Bachmann announced that she would run for reelection in Minnesota for her seat in Congress . The three term Minnesota Congresswoman's endorsement for Romney could be ' political suicide ' in the eyes of her conservative and tea party voters.

More: http://www.freep.com/article/20120503/NEWS15/120503013/Miche...

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what support does she have to endorse with?

she got 5% of the vote in IA and was the first to drop out. Yeah, all 20 voters will not go for Romney. This is such a joke. the media would rather air this than Ron Paul's crowds? I can't wait for the SNL skit on this bit.

The weak and mindless fall in

The weak and mindless fall in line. Her re-election bid will be an interesting assessment of the Ron Paul Revolution. Should she not get re-elected it would speak to the strength of our grass roots growth.


... that Christians have no deductive powers - yah, there are the exceptions that prove the rule. Their misguided pastors lead them up the garden path and they accept it all without question. You can't second-guess "god's anointed servants." The head pastor at First Baptist in Dallas said Ron Paul was an anti-Semite. All his puppets in the pew nod their heads in agreement. The church has become irrelevant. When's the next money bomb? I need to send my tithe to Dr. Paul. After all, he's doing the Lord's work.

Plano TX

Just another political harlot

who has flipped her wig.

Her main accomplishment in this race was convincing the world that she needs professional psychiatric treatment.


Hi I sat and listend to her cr@p at the district 6. She certanly dont repersent ME we Ron Paul won 3 out of 3 delegates and 3 alt. I will NOT vote for her or Flipper Flopper for sure.... ONLY RON PAUL

bigmikedude's picture

Wouldn't it be hysterical if she Freudian slipped on

a live Romney endorsement and said "Therefore, I endorse "Newt-Romney" as the Nominee"

I think I would have to be hospitalized from the laughter.

WTG Michelle !!

Take one for the team. :D