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Junior Seau, Military Suicide, and a call to Americans.

It is evident from the media's coverage of Junior Seau's death that his suicide has had an impact on many people. As someone who has dealt with suicide personally- my brother took his own life in 2005 at the age of 21- I know how harmful such a death can be to a family, as well as friends and a community. Seau's death has rightly been covered in detail by ESPN, CNN, FOX, and other networks. However, I can't help but think about all of the families who go through this, including our Military Veterans and their families, that are largely unacknowledged by the same media.

I just wanted to bring some attention to this issue in hopes that Americans and our policy makers will try to do what they can to address the issue. Most of us here agree that ending the wars and bringing our troops home immediately is the best way to curtail this problem. This is yet another reason to support Ron Paul's non-interventionist foreign policy. Here are the numbers for military suicides and PTSD cases below.

2010 Overall Military 350
Active Duty 159
2011 Overall Military 315
Active Duty 164
Since 2003, 70,000 plus diagnosed military personnel.

Please take a moment and reflect on, or pray for, and about what can be done to fix this problem. Also, please take action, and continue to try and convince those who support this perpetual military intervention, to reconsider their position.

Source: http://www.stripes.com/news/still-struggling-with-suicide-ar...

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Yeah. I asked my buddy who mentioned Junior, what about

the soldiers who commit suicide? Why do we pump people up like Junior was more important than them? I guess people love to idolize others, then make a big deal when something like this happens. Sad but we got others that are ignored, or course.

Wanna commit suicide?

Just vote Obomney!


It is a sin.

Terrible as it is, it puts relatives and others in a horrible and stressful situation. People whodo this sin, are selfish and vain imo and most likely watch too much tv.

Perhaps people should go to Africa and see how those poor bast@rds live and die.

Instead of staying alive and making an improvement to the human experience for others and themselves, they 'shut her down.'


Suicide is NOT a sin at all

It is a tragedy. I cannot claim to know what exactly can drive anyone to take their own life, but I do know that it is NOT a choice made freely.

I believe in the freedom to be what we choose to be.

you are an idiot

My husband, a veteran, took his life last year. You have no idea what you are talking about, no idea what these guys and their families go through. Jesus would be ashamed of you and your judgement.

The magnitude of this tragedy

The magnitude of this tragedy has been lost on most Americans. Our soldiers are killing themselves off faster than our enemies can: http://ohnimus.wordpress.com/2012/05/02/us-military-suicide-...

With the US military suicide rate higher than combat fatalities it is more urgent than ever that we end our wars abroad, bring our troops home, and re-allocate some of that money that would have been spent of military intervention abroad to veteran benefits and support programs.

Military Praises 'FANTASTIC' New Post Traumatic Stress Therapy

Military Praises 'FANTASTIC' New Post Traumatic Stress Therapy

WND Exclusive - by DAVID KUPELIAN E-mail | Archive

David Kupelian is an award-winning journalist, managing editor of WND, editor of Whistleblower magazine, and author of the best-selling book, The Marketing of Evil His newest book, How Evil Works..

Simple technique 'Going Viral' bringing rapid improvement to soldiers, families
New coping strategies

Fortunately, a new technique for coping with PTSD and other stress-related syndromes – involving neither drugs nor, in many cases, even the psychiatrist’s couch – is now spreading rapidly throughout the various service branches. Although it has proliferated almost entirely by word of mouth – given to soldiers and family members by psychologists, nurses, military chaplains, fellow soldiers and senior officers – its simplicity, privacy and remarkable track record are being noticed at the highest levels.

“In my own experience as a commander who mobilized and returned thousands of wartime veterans, I have seen soldiers make rapid improvement through use of these CDs,” said Maj. Gen. George R. Harris.

“CDs”? Help for a serious condition like post-traumatic stress disorder, just from listening to a compact disc? Really?

Harris – a recently retired West Point general assigned to the Office of the Secretary of the Army – is indeed talking about a single compact disc, playable on any CD player or computer, titled “Coping Strategies,” distributed to the military by a 501 (c)3 nonprofit called Patriot Outreach. The CD, which helps users overcome the negative effects of stress, is sent free upon request to military service personnel, veterans and their families, and also made available to the general public at a nominal cost, which in turn helps pay for the manufacturing and free distribution to military families.

“I can tell you exactly where I’m coming from on this CD,” Harris told WND. “We send thousands of soldiers overseas, and then we bring them back. We try to assimilate them back into life and their families, and there are lots of bumps in the road.”

Scroll down and watch video:

Read entire article: http://www.wnd.com/2011/07/319737/

reedr3v's picture

Private individuals taking personal responsibilty

are working to heal the vast problems the government created and cannot solve.

The magnitude of this issue

The magnitude of this issue is poorly reported and worse yet known of by the average citizen. Yet, I feel it is the MOST important issue this election cycle. At what point does voting for anyone but a "just come home" candidate become a violation of moral principle? It is sad how much the modern American mind has allowed itself to think that all these foreign wars are anything but the violent growth of an empire.

It is morally repugnant to vote for anyone who does not make the return of ALL US Armed Forces the number one priority of his Presidential agenda. That certainly narrows the field, doesn't it?

Ron Paul or None At All!! Bring them home. Help them heal.

"Only a virtuous people are capable of freedom. As nations become corrupt and vicious, they have more need of masters." Benjamin Franklin

More U.S. troops have

More U.S. troops have committed suicide than died in both wars.Some never left the U.S.It is morally wrong to keep sending them back over and over.

Bob Marshall

Solution is simple

Do not accept government jobs. If economic situation is unbearable, take at least jobs that do not kill, torture or coerce others. The strategy of "oath keepers" (eating cake and having it too) wont cut it.

My cousin, SSG Ronald Nuttall

Hung himself after coming back from Iraq then being shoved into a Recruiter position. From one stressful job after another. He died in October 2007. His dream was to become a Marine, he did it and they killed him!

I Hope You Fellas Don't Think I'm A Conspiracy Theorist....But..

This Bad News Sickens Me! I just can't believe it! My heart goes out to The Junior Seau Family.. Those bastards at FOX NEWS show Junior Seau's grieving mother saying she wants to go die with her son..Do you know what I mean.. When i saw this scene on Fox News, I just got so upset and angry.. What the hell is the matter with these people. It's just wrong and inappropriate to put a screaming, crazy out of her mind mother on TV like that. They didn't have to shock the viewing audience with this...I'm still shaken by what they did..BASTARDS! Terrible, just terrible.. Anytime someone dies in this way or is murdered, its always a horrible tragedy..

I remember When I was 13 years old I was so traumatized by the way they murdered of President Kennedy, I was totally out of it, zombie like for a least a couple of weeks.. JFK was my childhood hero and after that, nothing has been the same since November 22, 1963..

Junior Seau in my mind was MURDERED...I don't why I feel this way. Junior had a ton of sound investments, a happy family, a trip planned with his kids and then he goes and commits suicide. Junior loved life and in my mind was not suicidal..

This is so chilling...and spookie..

I'm not buying it!

Further, I heard that Andrew Breitbart's LA coroner was murdered..What The F is going on. Unexplained Murders, suicides and assassinations are freaking me out..

Damn it! There is just no way you will convince me junior did himself in..No way!

...and byw, what's with the cover story about concussions?

All evidence is pointing to a suicide my friend.

Seau sent emails and text messages to his friends and family saying how much he loved them the night before.

His stint driving off the Encinitas cliff into the ocean 18 months ago is being speculated (again) as a failed attempt to take his life.

Breitbart is a whole other, unrelated, story.

I disagree

One of the symptoms of CTE (Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy), the recently diagnosed disease related to concussions/head injuries, is clinical depression.

About a year earlier, Dave Duerson both were ailing from CTE. Sadder still is Duerson's condition which set in after his career and during his work (ironically) to attempt to research, shine light on this ailment, and find assistance from the NFLPA. When he believed he had the same disease he knew more about than most people, he ended his torment.

But the bottom line is that Seau was not murdered. You could make a case that he was by the NFL, but that's stretching it, too.

Exactly, it's the reason why

...he shot himself in the chest. He wanted his brain intact to be analyzed for this condition.

Yea, But This Could All Be Part Of A Cover Story..

They had a cover story about Breitbart's death as well..This guy was about to drop a bomb on Obama the next day and oh, he just died of heart problems just like that.

Look, it was well known this guy went for walks without body guards in the middle of the night. It would have been a piece of cake for someone knowing his habits to murder him and make it look like a heart attack or heart failure..

Oh, and by the way, Breitbarts coroner was just murdered. I guess he had a bad heart too....Ha!

You are beyond reaching and way off topic.

There is no connection between Breitbart and Seau other than the overwhelming grief their friends and family are going through.

Not to mention that "Ha!" remark, and comment leading up to it, was quite offensive given the nature of the OP. Suicide of loved ones have touched many and this blog is for them. Either show some compassion or go elswhere.

My heart goes out

It is serious, and it's painful to see that people don't realize these wars are being fought on our shores. Thousands of these brothers and sisters coming home to families they can't talk to, because the love was torn out of them overseas. Breaking news in AZ saw another former Marine commit suicide after taking the lives of family members first. The greatest enemies in the War on Terror are the ones sitting in leather chairs behind marble columns, sending our kids to their deaths... not quick and painless deaths in the Middle East, but agonizing, fear-torn deaths at home. I pray that it ends soon. The whole system needs to come down, because now they are targeting "domestic" terrorists, which means the atrocities these good soldiers witnessed that give them so much pain will now be experienced firsthand in our own backyard.

Not to be gloomy, but now it's serious. They need our help. If we do love them, and we should, then now it's our turn to keep them safe.

RP 2012