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Fox News announces that Ron Paul has qualified for RNC convention..(VIDEO)

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He said Dr. Paul is bringing

young people to the Republican Party. Wrong! Most RP supporters will not back Romney.

Live Free Or Die

Just for grins,

type in the word Tavistock, or start up a thread like "Let's talk about Tavistock" over there at godlikeproductions, and see how long the post stays up before it's removed.

only place to find the video

was at godlikeproductioins...the youtube version had already been removed.

I prefer my mailman to wear blue khaki, but I don't mind if he wears tan...as long as I get the message.

The fox news link that i

The fox news link that i posted bellow works for iPhone users the godlike version you posted does not!

Hidden agenda or has the

Hidden agenda or has the media finally let Ron Paul in???!

Let's hear what everyone thinks?

My personal view is, this nomination is ours to loose!

We are in now, Ron Paul is not giving up so we must keep up with him! keep learning, keep participating, keep spreading the message of liberty and freedom, keep enjoying the reality that we all are freeing a country full of brainwashed slaves!

Without Ron Paul criss crossing America spreading the message of liberty to all, we would have no chance to free ourselves!

Long live the republic! Heros get rememberd but legends never die!!

"Ron Paul 2012"

Is this current?

Is this current? When was the air-date?

May 2,

May 2, 2012


Original post

very cool. thank you

very cool. thank you