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Romney & Son Investigated For 8 Billion Ponzi Scheme

Romney & Son Investigated for 8 Billion Ponzi Scheme

Mitt Romney and his son Tagg Romney have been implicated in a 8.5 billion dollar ponzi scheme with Wall Street investors Allen Stanford and James M. Davis.

The pair are not cleared including their three partners in a court document verified, ongoing legal proceeding involving selling fraudulent CD’s to potential investors.

The statement of fact, includes SIBL, Stanford International Bank, SGC Stanford Capital Management and the associates R. Allen Stanford, ( Allen Stanford) and James M. Davis stole money from investors through fraud. The group bilked investors by diverting funds to their own lifestyles through bonus money, salaries and compensation packages.

The Stanford Financial Group now in receivership headed by Allen Stanford sold investments described as a “well-diversified portfolio”. Instead Stanford diverted the money to finance his own lavish lifestyle which include: jet planes, yacht, pleasure crafts, luxury cars, homes, travel on a company credit card.

Tagg Romney

Allen Stanford, James M. Davis and Laura Pendergest-Holt through SIBL (the bank) Stanford International Bank) hid the fraud by continuing to buy CD’s (Certificate of Deposit) and fabricated the performance of their investments. (More court documents: HERE) More information on the legal procedures: HERE A court date was set for January 23, 2012 but according to various reports Allen Stanford is incompetent to stand trial.

Mitt Romney and Son Tagg in 2008 invested in Allen Stanford’s ponzi scheme to the tune of 10 million dollars initially in Solamere Capital a seed investment and received 1 million in returns. Tagg Romney joined in to help Solamere Capital located in Charlotte, North Carolina with three other prominent brokers.

Tagg Romney is quoted as saying he was proud of his investment with Solamere now run by former executives of Stanford, ” They’re friends of ours, they used the Solamere name, we own a piece of them”. “We helped them get started”

Despite claims by Tagg and Mitt Romney the investigation is still “ongoing” and the profits from Stanford and Solemere were unreported by Tagg Romney. He also did possess a minority stake in the business with Spencer Zwick and Eric Scheuermann.

Spencer Zwich is Mitt Romney’s Chief Fundraiser. Investors in Stanford have not recovered their money, and the assets are still in receivership and frozen until the case is resolved. A total of 8.5 billion dollars is still unaccounted for and the billion dollar Ponzi scheme lays at Mitt Romney’s feet for his and his son’s investment partners who were all involved.

Curated News

ABC News Politics – Romney Camp Dismissive of Ponzi Accusation

“But according to Think Progress, Tagg Romney’s account isn’t entirely accurate: “According to documents reviewed by ThinkProgess using the Pacer search engine, charges against Tim Bambauer, Deems May, and Brandon Phillips have not been dropped. A recent court filing shows May requesting the court for arbitration instead of going to trial.

ThinkProgress also spoke to the deputy clerk for the federal District Court in Dallas, and confirmed that the three men are still defendants in the lawsuit to recover the Ponzi scheme money.”

Huffington Post - Tagg Romney Partnered Family Investment Group with Employees Behind Alleged Ponzi Scheme

Crooks and Liars - Mitt Romney Entwined with Players in Stanford Ponzi Scheme

Read more: http://www.politicolnews.com/romney-son-investigated-for-8-b...

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If we do nothing with this, Obomba will.

This is the Ace up Obomba's sleeve. If we don't play it first to get Paul the nomination, (e.g. mention it in commercial spots) then you can bet your azz that Obomba will use it in his own commercials after Tampa, assuming Romney makes it past Tampa.

Is this thing even close to being proven yet? I heard the Court date is in June... Anyone know what will come out of that court decision?


This has a good write up on it


"In the end, more than they wanted freedom, they wanted security. They wanted a comfortable life, and they lost it all -- security, comfort, and freedom. When ... the freedom they wished for was freedom from responsibility, then Athens ceased to be free."

Did this die already?

Did this die already?


Hmmm no comments from shazzad on this one?

I don't think he likes this one :)


"In the end, more than they wanted freedom, they wanted security. They wanted a comfortable life, and they lost it all -- security, comfort, and freedom. When ... the freedom they wished for was freedom from responsibility, then Athens ceased to be free."


Bump! Be the News!

The real question is... Did Mitt have anything to do with the

Ponzi scheme? According to the articles, his money was seed money, that is all. And further, did he get his $10 million back out? Or was he taken as well?


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got it back plus 10% interest

The article stated that Mitt and his son got the money back plus 1 million and that Mitt's son DID NOT report his interest on his income tax. If we tried that, we would be in jail

how da hell?

HOW da hell do we get msm to cover this?

Live free or DIE!

egapele's picture

Geez, where is Ketih Olbermann

when you need him?

162 articles about how the

162 articles about how the Ron Paul campaign did not "assist" in the Army Probe of a free speech activist...

Not one story about the fact a possible future President of the free world is a fraud! Obama cant prove he was born here and Romney cant prove all his money is his!

We are living in insane times...

"Any fool can criticize, condemn and complain and most fools do." -Benjamin Franklin

Little Elm, Tx

Death to the corporate media

DIE YOU scummy WHORES DIE !!!!!!!!!!

please join a total permanent BOYCOTT:


Hearst Media: all subsidiaries
New York COMMUNIST Times
Washington CIA Post
Associated Press

Anyone want to add additional MEDIA WHORES?

Is Romney a Madoff?

It could be that Romney is in this race just to try to achieve diplomatic immunity. Madoff got 150 years in prison. If Romney is guilty of similar actions the only way to prevent himself (and his son Tagg) from going down (the same track as Madoff) is going UP. So far UP that he will be untouchable.
Having said this, expect if this is true, some very intense, physical campaining from the then ponzi scheme master. His very life and that of his son are at stake.

"And remember, a half-truth is far more dangerous then a complete lie, because the complete lie is going to be discovered sooner or later - just a little intelligence is needed. But the half-truth is very dangerous, even intelligent people, very intellige

Not to stir trouble, but...

Is this something that sovereignjanice can put in her flyer? My opinion is Obama was never vetted properly and look what we got. Shouldn't American Citizens KNOW beforehand who and what they are voting for?

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul

isnt that the point ?

the MSM is there to vet and propagandize against all candidate, except the real status quo candidate.
thats why they didn't vet Obama last time and thats why they wont vet Romney this time. but we should keep spreading the truth.

i think maybe TPTB have some dirt on Obama, and thats why he is doing their bidding.

Dr.Ron Paul's 2002 Predictions

Yes, it should be put in the flier that he and his son are being

investigated. Great post, spread far and wide.


And, not a word of this in the MSM. They must protect their annointed presumptive frontrunner Romney.

Well the corruption just surrounds Washington and it's politicans.

Very interesting

That's all we need - another financial crook in the White House.

Tricks and treachery are the practice of fools, that don't have brains enough to be honest. - Ben Franklin

let the lawyers sort it out

let the lawyers sort it out right romney?

The world is my country, all mankind are my brethren, and to do good things is my religion. Thomas Paine, Godfather of the American Revolution

its viral! !

I posted it on my fb page and all the political pages I have liked, I sent it to ben swann and the judge! !!


Hopefully Texas and California will call their local reporters and urge them to spread this story!

a nod's as good as a wink to a blind bat


HAHHAAHAHAHAH Now I know why he wants to be president, so he can just write this shit off with his new DOJ homie Eric Holder and son's

What amazes me is HOW

What amazes me is HOW arrogant these stooges are.....thinking they can continue to get away with this stuff....the SHOES are about to drop on the WHOLE DAMN bunch of them!

Couldn't happen to a nicer

Couldn't happen to a nicer guy.....maybe he can share a cell with BERNIE!

Now, this needs to be spread!

More proof of the type of government we will have if we let these clowns play with power. Let's keep this going.

Ron Paul for Freedom!!!

Knowledge is the currency of the Universe.-
Giorgio A. Tsoukalos

this is the news I new was

this is the news I knew was coming out. this is the scandal that the good guys are going to put out to get Romney disgraced. Next watch for Sarah Palins endorsement. Can you say President Paul?

What say we had some fuel to the fire?

It is time to take the gloves off and expose Romney for the criminal that he is. We have an opportunity to assist the White Hats over at http://tdarkcabal.blogspot.com/ in their efforts to expose the Bush/Clinton/Romney/Obama criminal cabal.

Below are comments from "John" a "white hat" insider (last name withheld)who offers us a glimpse of who/what/where they are in the process of this enormous and paradigm shifting investigation.

Those of us who are awake and involved in the liberty/truth movements are obliged to share this information with everyone we know. It would certainly go a long way in curtailing Romney/Obama's plans in their pursuit of the oval office and perhaps catapult Ron Paul to the forefront of the American political mindset.

The White Hats have hard and irrefutable evidence that Romney is complicit (along with Bush etal) in the theft of billions of dollars. I was told that Ron Paul's campaign staff has been notified of the most recent developments in this criminal conpiracy as it relates to Romney. Whether they use the info is not a question of if, but when.

Everyone needs to read the reports over at http://tdarkcabal.blogspot.com/ and watch the videos to get current and then follow it up by calling the Romney campaign staffers/supporters to enlighten them about the criminal they want to see in the White House. Demand answers from them.

Want to bring down Romney/Obama? Then please share this with everyone you know!

Part 1: http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=endscreen&NR=1&v=uBiHDC...
Part 2: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H6HTTspwIUk&feature=relmfu

Here are comments from "John":

In the very near future, the sheer scale of Fraud, Corruption,Theft and Racketeering of the Herzog case, will cross implicate Romney and so many more. He is finished. If there was ever a time for the Republicans to dump him and switch it's now. Sr will not be able to blow a smokescreen much longer. The sheer scale of the Criminal case unfolding on Herzog and the co conspirators is breaking with huge consequences.

2. In the very near future, have no doubt either Ron Paul or the Democrats will expose it and demand he withdraws. He faces personal huge consequences now but wait and see the attorneys next moves over the Falcone case.

3.ONLY the consequence of exposing the bribes Biden has taken is holding back the Criminal case in the US, but it's coming anyway from Europe as each domain will act.

4.If each of you demand answers from Romney's campaign staff, watch his campaign go up in smoke. Americans are jailed for Tax Evasion. He has hidden over $900m stolen from Falcone, so why not act on Romney? He's going to face worldwide consequences anyway as it all crashes. You saw the Berlin Court issues the media wont publish. When Herzog goes to trial, all the detailed dirt will become a Global fireball as it goes out on TV and the papers will feed it with exposure for all the Political and Agency staff then identified. This is now already cross exposed on Public Record in Berlin Court papers etc. Unless the Republicans Dump the Chump, you are giving O his second term on a plate. Was there ever a time for a Clean new Contender to come to the aid of the country. Think it through. With 4 more years and no personal consequences for O and his Chicago set, where will he take you all?

"The problem is not those in power, the problem is right between your ears." ~Larken Rose