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“Daily Paul”'s Spanish Forum for Ron Paul gets bilingual on #CincoDeMayo. “DP” Habla Español! Bienvenidos Todos !


“Daily Paul”'s Spanish Forum for Ron Paul gets bilingual on #CincoDeMayo. “DP” Habla Español! Bienvenidas/os Latinas/os y todos de habla Hispana

“Daily Paul”'s Spanish Forum for Ron Paul gets bilingual on #CincoDeMayo. “DP” speaks Spanish. Welcome Latinas, Latinos and the entire Spanish speaking community.

It's urgent that we have a forum here on DP in a language that is spoken by many in our country and by most of our neighbours in The Western Hemisphere. We live in the Americas.

I'm sure there a large hidden current runs under the "Daily Paul" that will emerge as soon as we open a forum for Spanish-speakers (use your high-school Spanish – as I am exerting here my Spanish for travellers).

In Texas and California, where primaries with large number of delegates are coming soon, many citizens speak the language so the message of Ron Paul should be heard in Spanish as well. Just last week I saw the first poster of Ron Paul in my vicinity in California – the very first one! - and it was in the BARRIO ("Spanish neighbourhood")! How happy was I! I had to have some ice-cream immediately in a waffle place on the opposite side of the street.

Let's talk here about things that are of importance to Spanish speakers. Any new link in Spanish, a video, a TRANSLATION, a video with Spanish subtitles (people ask for those on twitter) - we can put them here. Even an English piece if it directly concerns the Spanish speaking community. Maybe we'll even attract a Latino celebrity who supports Ron Paul?

"Daily Paul" Speak Spanish!

A message about Ron Paul's ideas, in Spanish, is ready in the link below. Help me make it better and make viral on the Internet.
1 #CincodeMayo #5MAY is today and all will celebrate, drinking tequila & posting on twitter. I suggest we venture there with the message). Don't forget a special #FullMoon on Sunday and three primaries on Tuesday.
2. I am in the process of translating to English the expose “Why Ron Paul? – Por que Ron Paul”?
3. #FullMoon Sunday! Primaries Tuesday May 8: Indiana-46 North Carolina-55 West Virginia-31Vote Ron Paul! Romney is 1%! http://www.bluerepublican.us/


“Daily Paul” Habla Español!

Es tiempo urgente que tengamos un forum aquí en la lengua que habla hasta la meta de nuestro país y la mayoritad de nuestros vecinos en la hemisfera. Vivimos en las Américas.

Soy segura que hay un grande corriente oscuro en “Daily Paul” que va surgir inmediatamente cuando abrimos un forum para hispano-hablantes (use your high-school Spanish como lo hago yo – el español de viajero).

En Tejas y California se habla la lengua y el mensaje de Ron Paul debe que sonar en ella. La ultima semana he visto el primero poster de Ron Paul en mis vecindades – primero! – era en un “barrio”! Que feliz me hizo esto – tomo un ice-cream inmediatamente al oposito de la tienda.

Hablemos de cosas que valen a los hispano-hablantes. Cualquier link nuevo en Español, un video, una traducion – lo ponemos aquí. Tal vez vamos atraer a un personaje famoso quien apoye a Ron Paul?

“Daily Paul” Habla Español!

Un mensaje acerca de ideas de Ron Paul en Español ya esta listo. Ayudadme hacerlo mejor y viral en Internet.


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★ SPANISH version FREE Ron

★ SPANISH version FREE Ron Paul vs Mitt Romney Candidate Comparison Sheet Handout to Print


RT reports on Ron Paul

Ron Paul victories upsetting the Republican establishment?



RON PAUL - Australia's ONLY hope for the future Pt 1



Ron Paul Revolution Reaches Republic of Ireland

Ron Paul Revolution Reaches Republic of Ireland



Ron Paul عاقل في الكونجرس الأمريكي

عاقل في الكونجرس الأمريكي - Wise man (Ron Paul) in The American Congress




la pagina de "Ron Paul Español" FEATURED LINK TODAY


with connections to twitter and FB
con las coneciones a twitter y FB

I like

Ron Paul

Ron Paul

Nice rhymes! Me gusta!

Ron Paul ... forever.

Gracias por tomar esta iniciativa

Amigos de la libertad,

Es lindo ver a la gente latina luchando por causa tan importante.

Tenemos que continuar esta comunidad y verla prosperar en el futuro.

Por ahora les quiero dejar con la pagina http://www.miseshispano.org/

Esta pagina es una buena fuente de el colegio de economia Austriaca.

Un Abrazo Fuerte!

"We’ve moved beyond the Mises textbook. We’re running in the open market." - Erik Voorhees


.. por un abrazo y link. Gracias!

Ron Paul ... forever.

He is loved everywhere

look at that one from 07 when he had brown hair!

Ron Paul: Der nächste Präsident Amerikas (Deutsche Untertitel)
von 1997

Ron Paul 2012 - Eine friedliche Revolution (Deutsche Untertitel)

RON PAUL EXPLODIERT (Jon Stewart 2012) (Deutsche Untertitel)


la BOMBA de #CincodeMayo hoy y manana en Twitter?

The hash #CincodeMayo is already trending - though not often shown by twitter.

Tal vez podemos utilisar esta ocasion por #CincodeMayo Ron Paul atracion - incluyendo su $5.- Money Bomb!

Yo acaba de poner eso ahorita:

Ron Paul Habla Espanol! Un forum nuevo para todos los hispanohablantes, latinas y latinos. Bienvenidos! http://www.dailypaul.com/230723/daily-paul-habla-espanol-un-... #CincodeMayo RT

A veces uso hash #paz #trabajo #Tejas #libertad...

any suggestions!? America Latina ocupa a Ron Paul - verdad?

Ron Paul ... forever.

Un Importante Video Para La Gente De Habla Hispana:

No es Ron Paul, pero es una excelente exposicion de temas ambos basicos y ciertos de que sucede en el mundo:

David Icke: Conferencia En La Academia De Debates De La Universidad De Oxford:


Wisdom Strategies

Esperanza Mundial es RonPaul

Esto es verdad

One day, I'm gonna' change my name to Dale Lee Paul

Me alegra verlo.

Que apoyamos Dr. Paul por todos partes de la sociedad.

New Hampshire and Ecuador.

I'm not sure what the hell he/she said

but if it's making Daily Paul an international hang out for Liberty minded people.. Why not.. Seems a pretty smart idea to me.. More traffic, more ideas, more help.. One location for all of us.

Patriot Cell #345,168
I don't respond to emails or pm's.
Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution, inevitable.

these sites? copied the whole post

to send to friends in Spain


he is LOVED there.


muchas gracias!

ahora si, gracias. asi se dipersera la info.

Ron Paul ... forever.


I will add the links to my "PORQUE RON PAUL".

Ron Paul ... forever.

Why not join a translator like Bable Fish?

Why not have an Icon on the blue band that gives many language options?

Bable Fish?...

...Seguro! Es del Barrio?! :)

Lo que quiero decir se trata de la gente, las culturas y las personas. Eso no es solo por traducion de la lengua - es sobre un ambiente politico tambien.

Would you show us how to use BF, for instance with the link to the interview with Ron Paul about faith:

2008 Ron Paul Faith interview:

Pienso que es una de las mejores intervistas con Ron Paul y trata de lo mas importante de fase corriente en las elecciones.

Ron Paul ... forever.

It doesn't have to be Bable Fish

I've seen web pages that are offered on several languages by having a icon that opens to a selection of translations, sometimes flags.. I thought of Bable Fish as am example of a translator. Seems to me there would be a paid service that provides language translations. Surely Google has one.

Because a translator like Babel,

Google, or others similar to it, never fail to contain many grammatical errors. Sure the point may come across, but on many, many occasions the reader is left with doubt wondering if the writer meant to say "A" or "B". That difference alone, specifically when it comes to Ron Paul's campaign, is very dangerous as we all know how people try hard to misunderstand him or take his words out of context.

automatic translator

I agree - it gets the words right but the rest is lost... you know where.

It is s handy dictionary tool though. I lost mine when I downloaded a newer version of FireFox. What do I do? It sure would have been helpful today.

Ron Paul ... forever.

O.K, Again well done

Now, I have put in a request at the "Modbox" to post a regular topic button in the forums. If you would like, you could go and second it?

If I disappear from a discussion please forgive me. My 24-7 business requires me to split mid-sentence to serve them. I am not ducking out, I will be back later to catch up.

how do I do it?

That would be great. This forum is open to ideas- I hope we find someone who is totally bilingual as well.

Ron Paul ... forever.


Esta verdad: Es tiempo urgente.

LL on Twitter: http://twitter.com/LibertyPoet
sometimes LL can suck & sometimes LL rocks!
Love won! Deliverance from Tyranny is on the way! Col. 2:13-15

Would anyone like to have the

Would anyone like to have the Comparison Sheet translated into Spanish? If someone thinks they could sway a few latin voters with the Spanish version please let me know. I had someone who said they would translate it for me, but they never got back to me. If anyone would like to translate the text, I can transfer it to the handout myself.


it would help!

Language is awfully important. The people are isolated if they hear only messages in English. Obama did an add in Spanish at certain point in 2008.

What I really wanted is to have a FORUM here in Spanish, not just a topic.

For now we could begin each headline with:

“Daily Paul” Habla Español!


DP Español

So when you get a translation you could post on DP and TWIT about it. I have begun this forum today because I have not seen anything in Spanish on Twitter about Ron Paul. I am not fluent enough to translate. I wrote the Spanish manifest "from my head".

Ron Paul ... forever.