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“Daily Paul”'s Spanish Forum for Ron Paul gets bilingual on #CincoDeMayo. “DP” Habla Español! Bienvenidos Todos !


“Daily Paul”'s Spanish Forum for Ron Paul gets bilingual on #CincoDeMayo. “DP” Habla Español! Bienvenidas/os Latinas/os y todos de habla Hispana

“Daily Paul”'s Spanish Forum for Ron Paul gets bilingual on #CincoDeMayo. “DP” speaks Spanish. Welcome Latinas, Latinos and the entire Spanish speaking community.

It's urgent that we have a forum here on DP in a language that is spoken by many in our country and by most of our neighbours in The Western Hemisphere. We live in the Americas.

I'm sure there a large hidden current runs under the "Daily Paul" that will emerge as soon as we open a forum for Spanish-speakers (use your high-school Spanish – as I am exerting here my Spanish for travellers).

In Texas and California, where primaries with large number of delegates are coming soon, many citizens speak the language so the message of Ron Paul should be heard in Spanish as well. Just last week I saw the first poster of Ron Paul in my vicinity in California – the very first one! - and it was in the BARRIO ("Spanish neighbourhood")! How happy was I! I had to have some ice-cream immediately in a waffle place on the opposite side of the street.

Let's talk here about things that are of importance to Spanish speakers. Any new link in Spanish, a video, a TRANSLATION, a video with Spanish subtitles (people ask for those on twitter) - we can put them here. Even an English piece if it directly concerns the Spanish speaking community. Maybe we'll even attract a Latino celebrity who supports Ron Paul?

"Daily Paul" Speak Spanish!

A message about Ron Paul's ideas, in Spanish, is ready in the link below. Help me make it better and make viral on the Internet.
1 #CincodeMayo #5MAY is today and all will celebrate, drinking tequila & posting on twitter. I suggest we venture there with the message). Don't forget a special #FullMoon on Sunday and three primaries on Tuesday.
2. I am in the process of translating to English the expose “Why Ron Paul? – Por que Ron Paul”?
3. #FullMoon Sunday! Primaries Tuesday May 8: Indiana-46 North Carolina-55 West Virginia-31Vote Ron Paul! Romney is 1%! http://www.bluerepublican.us/


“Daily Paul” Habla Español!

Es tiempo urgente que tengamos un forum aquí en la lengua que habla hasta la meta de nuestro país y la mayoritad de nuestros vecinos en la hemisfera. Vivimos en las Américas.

Soy segura que hay un grande corriente oscuro en “Daily Paul” que va surgir inmediatamente cuando abrimos un forum para hispano-hablantes (use your high-school Spanish como lo hago yo – el español de viajero).

En Tejas y California se habla la lengua y el mensaje de Ron Paul debe que sonar en ella. La ultima semana he visto el primero poster de Ron Paul en mis vecindades – primero! – era en un “barrio”! Que feliz me hizo esto – tomo un ice-cream inmediatamente al oposito de la tienda.

Hablemos de cosas que valen a los hispano-hablantes. Cualquier link nuevo en Español, un video, una traducion – lo ponemos aquí. Tal vez vamos atraer a un personaje famoso quien apoye a Ron Paul?

“Daily Paul” Habla Español!

Un mensaje acerca de ideas de Ron Paul en Español ya esta listo. Ayudadme hacerlo mejor y viral en Internet.


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thanks, I thought I'd have

thanks, I thought I'd have one by now, but my guy hasn't come through


Es mui bien


...soy contenta que le gusta!

Ron Paul ... forever.