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(Update iii: Here's the proof of abstaining) Doug Wead Joins Stossel In Predicting Something Big Next Week!

Here's a piece of what DW had to say.

Next Wednesday, May 9, 2012, will be an important day. I will be online that night at 9PM to talk with anyone who wants to join the discussion. Here is the link.


read the full blog: http://dougwead.wordpress.com/2012/05/04/ron-paul-how-many-d...

This combined with John Stossel TWICE this week saying Ron Paul was going to take off next week. Does this mean something big we don't know about yet or am I missing something? Reading too much into nothing? theories?

DP post about jptv with link to video: http://www.dailypaul.com/230123/jon-stossel-on-pjtv-talking-...

DP post about hannity interview: http://www.dailypaul.com/230089/john-stossel-tells-hannity-r...

New REALITY CHECK, this could be it



First, here is a 2008 article talking about the ability to abstain

Second, here is the rule about nomination: Rule 40(d)
(d) When at the close of a roll call any
candidate for nomination for President of the United
States or Vice President of the United States has
received a majority of the votes entitled to be cast in the
convention, the chairman of the convention shall
declare that the candidate has been nominated. [emphasis mine]

Thirdly, here is RRO rules on abstaining
Do abstention votes count?

The phrase “abstention votes” is an oxymoron, an abstention being a refusal to vote. To abstain means to refrain from voting, and, as a consequence, there can be no such thing as an “abstention vote.”

In the usual situation, where either a majority vote or a two-thirds vote is required, abstentions have absolutely no effect on the outcome of the vote since what is required is either a majority or two thirds of the votes cast. On the other hand, if the vote required is a majority or two thirds of the members present, or a majority or two thirds of the entire membership, an abstention will have the same effect as a “no” vote. Even in such a case, however, an abstention is not a vote and is not counted as a vote. [RONR (11th ed.), p. 400, ll. 7-12; p. 401, ll. 8-11; p. 403, ll. 13-24; see also p. 66 of RONRIB.
This means that every abstain is one FULL vote removed from Romney he MUST have 1154 votes to get nomination. [edit to fix #required]

Fourth, here is the preamble of the The Rules of the Republican Party stating that the current rules are in effect until the convention
following be and hereby are adopted as The Rules of
the Republican Party
, composed of the rules for the
election and government of the Republican National
Committee until the next national convention, the
rules under which delegates and alternate delegates
shall be allotted to the respective states in the next
national convention, and the rules under which such
delegates and alternate delegates shall be elected and
under which contests shall be considered, and the rules
of business of this national convention.

It gets a BIT more confusing when it comes down to the Rules committee and what they can do, but there will be months to finish that research(too tired right now to work it out) as those things can't happen until the delegates are all chosen. :) Please everyone keep this post on the top via comments all day so that people will have a chance to view this information, i've been up all night doing this and need sleep... 2 finals tomorrow :) good day all!

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Yeah right!

If there was a major announcment coming today the media would have been alerted to...IGNORE IT AT ALL COSTS!! LOL.

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So the push for Romney

to be the nominee (in order to insure an Obama win) may royally backfire???

That's what happens when underestimating the American people.

I'm so proud of all those who have gotten plugged into the delegate process.


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Updated again with tonights

Updated again with tonights research! go have a look, tell me if i've failed to consider something :)

I'm hoping for some positive

I'm hoping for some positive news of any kind. The results of the last three primaries really got me down. It was a hard crash after all the good news from the tireless delegates in ME and NV. I just don't understand why more people are not voting for the man who tells the truth. And how can Ron Paul be tied with Obama in recent (Rasmussen) national polls but then get only 10% - 15% of the vote in WV, IN, and NC???? How can his percentage be that low when in theory, the Romney voter has very little incentive to vote, yet the Ron Paul voter has tons of reasons to vote. Gonna go immerse myself in work now to block yesterday out. But I will check on things here tonight. I'm not ever defeated, just down.

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Do the research

Once one comes to grip with the vote switching process being pre-programmed into voting machines and that the system is rigged and corrupt to the core, it's easy to comprehend.
There's plenty of info about all this on the web.

They ARE voting for him...

...the votes are just not being recorded/reported by the corporate criminal syndicate that controls America and both parties!

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buddy! don't worry everything

buddy! don't worry everything is going according to plan! all those "romney" bound delegates can abstain! Romney won't get anywhere near what people 'project' he will get, it will be HUNDREDS of RP supporters 'bound' to Romney, all we have to do is stay on course, never give up and do whatever it takes to get those delegate slots no matter who they're bound to, those primary "losses" are meaningless when RP supporters get the seats!

Abstentions for Romney drop the vote total.

That should mean that Romney needs fewer votes to attain the majority. In that case, if Romney has 1154 delegates going into the first ballot, then 21 (twice the difference between 1144 and 1154 plus one) must abstain to prevent him from getting a majority.

New Hampshire and Ecuador.

It's not a majority of the votes cast, it's a majority

of the votes entitled to be cast. 1144 is the number required.

see rule 40d


no sir!! please i just posted

no sir!! please i just posted the relevant rules and procedures up on top, to nominate you need half of the TOTAL POSSIBLE votes :)

Can they just vote "Present"?

like they do in Congress?

RP R3VOLution

i think the reality is that

i think the reality is that is doesn't matter, while i was digging i read a line somewhere on the RRO website that you cannot be forced to vote.

Dr. Ron Paul Coming Up CNN 10 AM EST 5/9/12 LIVE

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You know they'll just do anything they can to discredit Paul. Now they're giving in and saying he could upset/shake up the convention but Romney will be the Republican nominee anyway.

we're now at the edge of the

we're now at the edge of the 'and then you win' portion of the famous quote. this is the last ditch effort of the 'then they fight you' :) we have officially arrived

"when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor"

a see a lot of youtube comments calling Todd an idiot for his opening line.

He's an idiot for OTHER reasons.

The opening line was a comedic reference to the movie 'Animal House' - those calling the names apparently missed the joke.

I think people

are calling him names because his opening line was essentially making fun of Paul supporters.

Hope he's in Tampa.

I'm not a conspiracy theorist, I'm just well-informed

That was a very popular movie when it hit the theaters...

the zeitgeist if you will. I even had a "Bluto" poster. Anyway Belushi was huge at that time. Toga parties became a fad for a while also. Different era for sure.

care to lay out the joke here

care to lay out the joke here to those too young for Animal House :) this is a relatively young audience after all

Can't you youngsters search Youtube for the clip?


BTW, Animal House was the first R rated movie I saw, back in the day.

Thanks for the help!

sorry i've been busy all night keeping this updated and reading through RNC rules trying to confirm that the rules CANNOT be altered this late in the game until the convention thus ensuring that the delegates can abstain providing we have the votes to block a rule change [we will :)]

The Good News

Just keeps a commin'
Praise the Lord!

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lol yes im getting cautiously

lol yes im getting cautiously giddy

I think this video with TMOT

I think this video with TMOT could be the thing or one of the many thing indicating things are tilting heavily in Ron's favor! Take into consideration other possibilites that could keep Ron's momentum going on and on:

- Rumors of a new moneybomb coming our way
- Maybe good success from that fundraiser we had in Louisiana weeks ago
- Possible endorsements from important people

I don't know what's going on but it sure looks promising and uplifting!

Here are more hints something big is happening today

Rupert--king of media-- all of a sudden starts tweeting about Ron Paul--starts reading books about him to catch up on info about Paul

TMOT says the music fest in Austin is cancelled because changing gears. Paul may have more delegates than Romney--or much more than expected.

Doug Wead says today is a very important day and he is going to have a live chat on facebook tonight about today.

Stossel's comment.

I think Texas got truck loads of delegates to go to State convention.

Texas delegates

We do have truck loads. It's insane!

40% of that is in my OP but

40% of that is in my OP but YES :) those are indeed also good signs, I just was sticking to the most closely connected good signs. I have recently discovered that we almost certainly can abstain and that the rules that are in place now CANNOT be changed until all the delegates have been chosen and those delegates get to vote on any such rule changes at the convention. Right now we are on pace to be able to DENY MITTENS! but i truely can't wait to hear what Doug Wead has to say on the matters.

Big tings a gwaan.

Think big and stay inspired. Tipping point right here.


ummmm k

Its Wednesday already

Where is our prize ?.....

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