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Thomas Mullen: "Ron Paul delegate strategy is perfectly legitimate"

For at least a month, the media have been ignoring compelling evidence that Ron Paul is doing much better in the Republican nomination race than he did in the primary/caucus popular votes. In their hurry to write the general election narrative, the media have forgotten to perform their primary function: to report the facts. The facts are that Ron Paul has won at least two states and will likely win more.

Now that Paul’s success is impossible to ignore, the media are writing a new narrative. Headlines like “Ron Paul’s stealth state convention takeover” and “Ron Paul People Playing Mischief with Delegates” indicate that instead of ignoring Paul’s victories, they now seek to imply that there is something sneaky or unfair about them. Some even suggest that his delegate success in states where he did not win the popular vote may even (gasp!) “undermine democracy.”

Tom Mullen is the author of A Return to Common Sense: Reawakening Liberty in the Inhabitants of America.


I am a 62 year old woman.
Last Saturday I voted in a Massachusetts' Republican caucus for the first time in my life.

I found the Ron Paul supporters to be mature, well-spoken, responsible. I could tell it was difficult for some of the members of the Paul's Liberty slate to get up and speak in front of the large crowd for three minutes because they were nervous. They had worked hard on their speeches, and these same Americans, when they spoke, were very sincere and thoughtful. They came from all walks of life. There was a woman accountant, an engineer, a college student, among others.

Romney's slate was composed of well-known politician friends of his giving the standard slick and empty speeches who spoke too long, 7 minutes for one. (3 minutes were allotted for each candidate).

The Liberty Slate won 5 of 6 delegates in the 6th District of Romney's home state of Massachusetts.

Members of the old Republican party need to make room for new life and ideas in their party. I saw a level of maturity, intelligence, and commitment to make good things happen for this country at the caucus and was impressed by Ron Paul's Liberty supporters. They are the real Patriots, average Americans - just like of old. I am very proud of them.

This is the way to heal our great country.

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