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Newbie Paul Convert From Cali. What Can I Do In My Area?

Hi, I'm Lillian I'm 32 and I'm a newbie to this site and to Dr Paul. To be honest I normally vote democrat and have not paid much attention to the Republican nomination at all but after listening to some work colleagues talk about Ron Paul I began to tune in and guess what? I'm in love :P so long story short I've been you tubing my butt off and reading up and I know its late in the piece but I want to get involved how ever I can.

So with the California Primary coming up on June 5th I want to know where I can go and what I can do to help Ron Paul's campaign.

I'm in Anaheim if that helps (:

I heard somewhere that Paul's California campaign is a bit of a mess? is that true? if it is then that is simply not ACCEPTABLE! :p

Any information about how I can get involved will be greatly appreciated. RON PAUL, RON PAUL, RON PAUL!!!!!!!

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And once you've been awakened

You can never turn away from the message of Liberty... Welcome!

I found the "organizations" I needed, in terms of those people who are good contacts who surround me in this area, on Meetup...

But you have little time...so for me, at least, I'd want and need some direction from others who've been working - hard - at getting Dr. Paul's message through to the People!

Susie 4 Liberty

Welcome and awesome!

Just wanted to tell you that!

Welcome to the r3VOLution

It's not late in the piece, this party is just getting started!! Here is my advice:
Remember that his whole thing is about living in a free society, it's about eliminating the sanctioned and "socially acceptable" violence/aggression that permeates our society, not some election or choosing some candidate to be our king (this is what confuses the MSM, and everyone else, they think we'll go away after RP). Electing Ron Paul IS the task at hand. AND have fun, as ron paul always says "if you aren't having fun, you aren't doing it right!"

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...daaa...camp town race track five miles long...do da...



I dont have good advice, there is plenty of that already posted.
I dont have kind words or magical wisdom, again it is here.
I dont have much more than a complaint, probably the only one here.

One does not convert. To convert is to go from one thing to another.
I would suggest an awakening, to simply wake up and live free.

Does one convert to Paul or does one wake up to liberty ?

Does one recruit other converts or does one live free and have others emulate them ?

Freedom Unites

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It is...

...true that there certainly is an awakening and once the truth has been firmly mentally grasped...and then resonated with in the heart space...it happens!

"Does one convert to Paul or does one wake up to liberty?"

We were born free...in this last history of this country...people have learned to take it for granted...but yes...one does finally actually break the imperial conditioning of the massive barrage of dis/mis-information from the indoctrinating television they got fed most of the life time after the awakening.

Thank goodness it is not as hard as waking up with a hangover from a lifetime of being drunk.



You DID have magical wisdom! :p

Canvass, phone calls, and direct mailing

My local meetup group and I have a list of registered voters for our county. We are doing a combination of canvassing, direct mailing (2000 letters mailed directly to Republican voters), and phone calls.

Join your meetup group, and if they are doing these things volunteer and do your part. If they are not, start being the driving force that gets them into action!!

Tu ne cede malis.

Candidates for Liberty Webpage:

2016 Liberty Candidate Thread:

Ron paul official site

www.ronpaul2012.com At the bottom will be a Map of the USA. Click on the state you live in (You may need to fill out the info). You will then see who the contact is for your state....

First off, the primary is CLOSED

So make sure you're registered republican.

The best thing you can to right now is set up a table or hold a sign in a busy public area, and get people that are friendly to Ron Paul to register Republican for the primary. The deadline for registration is May 21st. Pick up registration forms at your local library or post office. Check with anyone connected to the campaign in Orange county to see if they want to turn the registrations in, or if they want you to do it yourself.

And good job getting involved!


So I'm out of time? I haven't registered? oh well I'll still hold a sign and spread the word!!! You guys rock seriously you rock!

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See if you...

..can register on line?

Make hard copies. Get confirmation you are registered. Double check.

One soul at a time. We will ALL save the Ship!


You have 18 days left to

You have 18 days left to register republican. May 21st.
Make sure all your coworkers are registered republican, talk to as many people as you can, and have them fill out the registration forms and make sure you get them back so you know they will be sent in.
I too voted democrat in the past, but now I see it as all 1 party. Thank you Obama for that.
Ha, that should be a website, thanking Obama for opening our eyes.com and letting people sign thank yours to Obama people can read. Starting MORE wars, not ending drug war, signing NDAA after saying he wouldn't, assassinating us citizens, including 16 year old. Thank you Obama, I'll never vote the same way again!

You're not out of time

Deadline is MAY 21st. Go register and then register others if you can. Good luck and welcome to the revolution!


Wouldn't hurt to get a few signs on the streets too. Saw this thread on the DP: http://www.dailypaul.com/230395/banners-flyers-for-registeri... ...or just make your own!

The ronpaul2012.com website - visit and contact for volunteer

opportunities or info on the official campaign HQ in your state.

JOIN THE GOP Search Ron Paul Meet-up

You should find a meet-up nearby, where you will meet "neighbors" and see opportunity to participate as a Ron Paul campaign volunteer.

Stay tuned to Daily Paul, daily, please contribute (I have the coolest Ron Paul/ Daily Paul tee shirt) ..

I learn something everyday on Daily Paul. I'm in Mendocino, where it's very rural. But you should have plenty of opportunity at colleges, concerts, other events to sign wave, register others Republican, phone banking... I need help if you get into that.

Welcome aboard, have a great time.. check out the site... there's allot here to explore, and meet new wonderful friends, smart people, kind, generous, poetic, honest, religious, good looking, least we forget the troplls who will attempt to knock you off course with BS like Americans Elect.. but what's really special are the friends you meet here who will last a lifetime (I've seen several relationships bloom here)!

When you say "Cali",, we've had upsets over that.. it's funny to me, but some people seriously have an issue so if someone jumps you for saying Cali, it's NorCal jealous of the good weather in SoCal.

Welcome Lilly4Paul! Once you

Welcome Lilly4Paul! Once you become a supporter, you never go back. I remember really liking the good Dr. in 2008, but listened to others who said he wasn't electable. While I still hold out hope he'll be our next Prez, I've come to realize the message he is spreading is even more important! Since '08 I've kept up with economists, learned about the Federal Reserve, and this time have supported the dr. I've flown to South Carolina to see him speak (he didn't come to Ga where I am). I've attended 3, soon to be 4 delegate conventions, attended sign waves, and donated to the campaign every pay day. I have never done any of this for any other candidate.

What can you do?

1. DONATE! He doesn't get the big funds from Goldman Sachs and Chase like Obama/Romney - www.ronpaul2012.com. Also I think any campaign items you buy helps the campaign.

2. Join your local meetup. You make great connections.

3. Register Republican in your state and encourage others to do so (you have to to vote for him). You can even get Republican registration forms for others to register.

4. Here's a link to one of the campaigns asking for volunteers http://www.dailypaul.com/230397/san-diego-ron-paul-help-we-n... even if you don't live near there, they can direct you perhaps to a local place to volunteer.

5. Here's another one that needs help reaching out to the medical marijuana dispensaries http://www.dailypaul.com/230477/help-me-reach-california-med...

6. Attend a rally if you can - Paul followers and vibe are great!

7. Become a delegate!

Hopefully this will give you an idea of where to start - and once again welcome!

Thank you thank you thank you

Thank you so much for taking the time to share all that and so quickly! You're a god send! and your blood should be bottled (: Never thought Id vote republican in any way shape or form but here it goes!

Don't think of it

as voting for a specific party. Think of it as voting for the issues at hand, and our liberties that are at stake.

Red, white, or blue? Republican, Democrat, or Third party Independent? Doesn't matter. Vote for who the BEST man for the job is now and our future - vote your conscience.

You're not alone BY FAR. Ever heard of the Blue Republicans? The Republicans that are in power now (not for long) have strayed FAR from being what a Republican actually means. Welcome!

More ideas...

Stalk Dailypaul or RonPaulforums on a regular basis (great news on here).

Like Ron Paul on facebook.


wow you ppl don't mess around I thought Id wait all day to get info. So happy now :D