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Stealth Delegates Elected !

Six stealth Ron Paul Delegates were chosen to go on to the Michigan State Convention This afternoon out of Kalamazoo County! These people have absolutely no clue as to what were doing. We had to overcome a preselected slate – but in the end it could not have turned out any better given our representation at the convention. It is possible there were more RP delegates that were chosen that I am not aware of since no discussion of that nature took place. This is especially good news as Rick S won our district during the Michigan Primary – and we are all unbound delegates. I wonder if this is happening in other Primary states? Next I will try my best to get elected to the National Convention.I have been told that it could cost over 5,000$ to atend. WoW! I’m not sure that I can swing that.
Does anyone know if this is true?

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Back when my son rodeoed

One person got a room. There were many times that 20 people slept in that 1 room. Mostly on the floor. they brought their own towels etc for showers as you can't very well ask the hotel to send up 20 extra. But people who have ever rodeoed sure do know how to cut costs!
Find people to share expenses and all we can do is send a few bucks your way to help.

Formerly rprevolutionist

Maybe we could do a chip-in

Maybe we could do a chip-in to help our delegates out with costs? If we all pitch in a little it would help them out.

No Worries

If you are elected to national have no worries!!!

The Campaign will usually help with hardship claims or

Just keep fighting your way to the top

KNOW that this is for Liberty

We can nor lay down now

WE MUST fight HARD all the way to THE BATTLE OF TAMPA

To arms! To arms! The Redcoats are coming!

free place to stay

Know about http://www.couchsurfing.org/? Sign up, contact people near the Tampa Convention Center and ask if you can crash on the couch. If close enough, no car necessary.

All your delegates

are belong to us.

Go Blue Ohio state will still beat you guys lmao

Good job from Ohio ; pretty sure the campaign will pick up the tab or reimburse you.

Don't worry about cost!

Ever herd of a Money bomb for RNC delegates?

We have people trust me if someone is in need of cash we work together and raise it.

DONT worry about the cost let's just get there 1st.

Thank you for all your hard work!

Getting there could be

Getting there could be Ronvoy..they say the hotels can cost $250/night per room, and u need it for 6 nights. I say find out your hotel asap and ask for 3 beds or 4..regardless, I even have a sleeping bag that inflates I would donate. Four to a room reduces that greatly..You can bring canned or dehydrated food. There may even be places you can grill out. Do not worry. You are so lucky. I am not on my SLATE, so so far I have no chance. I told the state coordinator I felt like a guy who had been working on a football team for YEARS to get to the superbowl and DID, and just as I was running onto the field I was told the owner's son was gonna play my position.. sigh. Seems I did not get the ONLY email that said I had to respond or would not be considered to go to state even if I won a delegate slot, which I did not know about before I won one.
Tampa is like any other town. Lots of cheap places to eat, parks, grocery stores and good people. Nothing can stop you now..:)

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You could...

..catch a train to another state...just saying...if you really want the experience...go get it!

Much support.


$3,000 ...

We heard $3,000 from a very reliable source. I agree, we'll have to all chip in -best investment we can make!

Sweet Liberty

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We WILL chip in

to make it happen.


And it might NOT be construed as a "donation" to Ron Paul.
Therefore there won't be a limit on amounts possibly.
I gladly will chip-in...don't worry.

"Beyond the blackened skyline, beyond the smoky rain, dreams never turned to ashes up until.........
...Everything CHANGED !!

Damn straight across the board!

There is no way this could ever be considered a donation to Ron Paul.

We're just going to anonymously give a bit of travel money to some friends of ours. The End.


can someone add up the the posts from MI?

can we put all these posts from MI on one single posts and have someone add find the average delegate percentage for the whole state?

I am trying to link the various accounts...

... to this thread here:


... But I don't think I will wind up with the kind of hard data needed to figure out a statewide percentage of delegates. The Michigan Paul leadership will probably have a decent idea of the delegate percentage, but I doubt that they will want to publicize that information (for tactical reasons).

A Constitutional, Christian conservative who voted for Ron and stands with Rand

I read the RNC assigned hotels for the delegates.

Is it mandatory you have to stay at these hotels? Texas and Louisiana are staying at some swanky place called The Saddlebrook Resort. If they are making you stay at these places, we are going to have to help out lots of our delegate friends.

Here is a listing for all the places they have lined up for the states.


Cost? COST??? WHO CARES??? It's just worthless FRNs!!

Not to mention... WE WILL GET YOU THERE! You, and hopefully another thousand plus folks just like you! ;)

Seriously though: forget the cost. The campaign (and grassroots) will make that happen. Sh*t I'm hoping I can make it down... I'll put people up. Hell we can live in a tent city and chow on MREs.


And kick ass job on those delegates tonight!!!!!!!!! :-D

Great comments! You really

Great comments! You really bumped up the energy level of this thread!

LOL... thanks! :)

I'm not gonna lie... I'm pretty stoked!!!


What's that in Zimbawean bucks?

You know, the currency Bernake strives to emulate.



You can't get clean in a dirty bathtub.


I kinda figured it would be up around $2000, if I drove from IN. We are having a chip in for help with the state delegates. I doubt I will be chosed to go to nationa's so I will chip in for RP from here.

lol if Romney has any money left after his lawyer's fees, then maybe he will pay for the whole trip.


$695 for the fee

then transportation room and board, rent a house for a couple days get 15 other paul delegates to go in with you from the daily paul carpool there, I always do things on the cheap so I know you could do it for way less


the campaign can grant you a hardship package.

Basically if you are a delegate, transport and accommodation, you buy your own food, but if you have never been to a national convention you can eat free every night at the various parties. It's really fun, don't get too drunk :)

I have heard the gop is

I have heard the gop is inflating the number to attend the convention to discourage people. Also if you're budget is limited, there seems to be people helping people with that.

Bluegillmaster, I'm in Indiana, we can carpool & sleep on beach!

The local Ron Paul groups will put us up for sure.

There is no better way to live.



you guys are funny

the campaign will make sure you get there if you are a delegate. Delegates are like gold, just call them and tell them you need hardship help.

Thank you for your account and your dedication!

As far as the cost of going to Tampa, yes, flight tickets and the hotel room will add up. The nationwide Paul community will find ways to help, however (if we can legally do it, I would think that we will do a "delegate moneybomb" for the campaign, then the campaign can cover delegate expenses; if not, we will find another way).

Go get 'em in Detroit!

A Constitutional, Christian conservative who voted for Ron and stands with Rand