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Any type of plan on how to get down to detroit?

I just won in the Saginaw county convention out of the 11 open spots i took the 3rd in votes. i was wondering if there is some type of bus or car pool of any kind that i can ride with to get down to Detroit. I'm recently unemployed and don't have the money to drive much let alone go all the way to Detroit.

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he may still need help

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Are there any Ron Paul meetups

in your area?

I found this: http://www.meetup.com/ronpaul-39/ It's old, but it might get you somewhere to start.

The campaign is not emailing

The campaign is not emailing me back im getting nervous what should i do?

I'm sure they will

They probably just have a big pile of emails to get through.

Maybe this link will help...


Keep checking there and on the linked Facebook page; something should be put together over the next few days. Thank you for your dedication!

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Do you have a bike?

If not maybe you could ask someone who is a santorum delegate, some can be friendly? (or any other Paul delegates from your district?)

What did the campaign say?

Saginaw to Detroit is a 2

Saginaw to Detroit is a 2 hour drive, on a bike it would take days. and im not sure of any santorum delegates does any know of any that would be willing?

you said theres 11 delegates...

do you happen to know who the other 10 suport?

Yah from what i could tell

Yah from what i could tell they seemed like mostly ron paul people i know for sure 2 were romney people and 1 of them was my girlfriend so theres no help there so that leaves 7. but i dont know any of them personally i wouldnt know how to contact them


Im sure there is many delegates going to the convention from north of saginaw. we just to get someone that can pick you up on their way and give you a ride back..

This is sad!

Here we have someone asking for help and people are posting stupid stuff about Ron Paul eating a hamburger. Come on , people, let's figure out a way to help here, please?!

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contact your local RP headquarters


I just contacted the state

I just contacted the state and the county

We'll get you there...

If you really need a ride and can't find any other way Mike, I can take you or at least get you there with some sort of monetary donation to fill up your car or whatever.
I was sitting across from your girlfriend..the guy with the tie.

I would keep trying to find a carpool or something though, to be honest, it won't be convenient for me, but, we need to get you there.
So you can count on fallback plan here.