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Important info on the St. Charles Co, MO delegate challenge - the challenge deadline passed

That's right, the deadline to challenge was before the redo caucus itself, therefore there can be no challenge to delegates that never were in the first place.

1) Being that the redo St. Charles, MO convention was held on April 10, 2012, there would no way to challenge an entire State Delegation, because one had not been voted on yet by the challenge deadline of March 27th, 2012.

2)And if the rule to extend the date of a challenge was created (never heard of one), it would coincide with the decision to redo the caucus, which if it was being challenged , the deadlinevrule would also be challenged, therefore there would be no extension to file a challenge.

3) The rule only allows a delegate to be challenged, not an entire delegation. You would have to individually challenge every delegate, and I don't think the secretary of the St. Charles County Convention released the names and addresses of a single delegate.

From the State Rules:
1) If contesting a delegate to the State Convention, the challenge must be filed in writing and must be physically in the office of the Missouri Republican State Committee not later than 5 p.m., on Tuesday, March 27th 2012. Challenges may be mailed or hand delivered to 105 East High Street, Jefferson City, MO 65101. Such challenges shall be settled at the State Convention.

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Please include a little more background. This is an excellent piece. And it needs to be presented so that those who are just beginning to learn can digest it in the larger context.
Thank you for your work.

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is tha MAN! Thanks, Joe. You are always on top of things and get stuff sorted out for all of us who are new to this.



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for importance!