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UC Davis Rally was amazing 8-10k people!

I just returned from the UC Davis rally. I am guessing anywhere between 7500-10k people, maybe even more. It was a massive turnout. Ron Paul was fired up and gave a very good speech, our energy and passion in the crowd was evident! Everyone was chanting "President Paul" I felt it was probably bigger than the Berkeley rally so probably closer to 10k. In the back of the open memorial field people were climbing trees to get a look at the good Dr Paul. The energy was amazing. California is for Ron Paul. It looks like we can win this state if everyone gets organized and works for it. The momentum has shifted in the last few weeks. I think we are going to overwhelm the Rinos and Neocons and prevail in the end. History is being made right in front of our eyes, and in the end history will vindicate our fight for freedom! The media and the corrupt establishment can not stop this train. We are not going away, we are only getting stronger and we will win! This is a revolution!! Welcome all to the Ron Paul Revolution 2012!!!!!

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If this is the rally

Just a guess

I was near the front, and that video and picture was towards the beginning. In the end many more came out. Also it was bigger than the Berkeley crowd, I was there, and they said that crowd was over 8k, and I know it was bigger than Berkeley.

I'd love to see the evidence.

I'd love to see the evidence. Surely hundreds of people have pics and video that would support these estimates.

What a great event, I had a

What a great event, I had a blast!

I uploaded a bunch of pictures from the event:

My First Attempt in Going to a Ron Paul Rally

Today, I was planning on going to a Ron Paul rally for the first time and since it was held at UC Davis, it was doable. I go to school at San Jose State so it was only a couple hours drive. The sad things is, I ended up an hour late because of traffic in the Bay Area. It was really sad that I did not get to see Ron Paul in person. However, I did get a lot of pictures of Ron Paul posters and stuff.

One of the greatest experience I had today was the fact that I random person gave me a Ron Paul poster. I asked him where he got one of those posters and he told me that he buy them online. He was kind enough to just lend it to me. It seems like people that go to Ron Paul rally's are really nice and friendly.

Even though I did get to see Ron Paul, it was still a nice experience. At least I tried to show my support. GO Ron Paul!

Good speech, bad microphone

It was mellow and thoughtful crowd like Berkeley. I walked right up to the side of the stage at one point. It was nice to know that the folks around me could tell their grandchildren they saw President Paul in person and how he saved the American people from further theft and murder.

sounds awesome

any pics though?

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Just wow.

I wish I was there.

RON PAUL 2012.

From late night in Virginia....glued to my dailypaul website.


We can win this!

Norfolk, VA

Norfolk, VA

Time to INVESTIGATE the investigators of 9/11. PROSECUTE the prosecutors. EXPOSE the cover-up.

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Thank you soooo much for your good works and this great reporting. You are exactly correct. You all out there in California, and soon Texas too, are making history.

Of the fifty states, these two have the power in the people's right awakened mind and hearts to change the "programed" banksters planned history.

It is the last chapter and we have one last chance to save America. Time is growing shorter every day. All over America we hear the growing and growing resounding louder and louder clarions call...President Paul...President Paul...President Paul...


The past year has been a huge emotional rollercoaster.

I have been hyped then depressed. But, now, the excitement is beyond description! Not only can we win this we are going to win it! I send to Dr. Ron Paul my never ending gratitude for all the work and sacrifice!
Thank you, President Paul!

Formerly rprevolutionist

I was there too... I was

I was there too... I was thinking probably more on the lines of 4k or so. Loved seeing him live again!

I'd say 5,000

I'd say 5,000


Did he remind everyone to register republican and donate if they can?


he did mention that but he is very humble as you know so he did not mention the finances part.

He reminded us we are a team

He also mentioned phone banking and going door to door. I'll stick to door hangers as they are self-explanitory and I don't want to get into prolonged discussions with Obomney neocons.