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"Ironclad": Grisly, ultr-violent history lesson on the price of liberty

Obama's executive orders have been said to end due process protection "with a heritage going back to the Magna Carta". I would hope most here know about the Magna Carta, a charter limiting the monarch's power, forced upon King John of England by the nobility in 1215 CE. "Ironclad," a 2011 film, reveals what happened AFTER the signing of the Magna Carta. How a ragtag crew comprised of a baron, knight templar and a handfull of scoundrels held off King John's army and saved England from tyranny. This is possibly the most violent movie I've seen, a reminder of what free people may endure when facing a powerful enemy. I'm actually surprised the film received an "R" rating rather than an "NC-17". Nonetheless, from user comments I've read at the Internet Movie Database, the film is largely historically accurate. For that reason, I recommend any lover of freedom (with a strong stomach), see "Ironclad". It is available from Netflix Streaming or for rent. Please watch it yourself and show it to anyone whose words reveal how he or she has forgotten the importance of liberty and the ultimate price so many have paid through history to protect it.