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A challenge has been made! Will the good doctor take up the gauntlet? (Eat an In-N-Out burger)

According to an OC Weekly report, a writer in Thomasesque fashion questioned Ron Paul as he was leaving from the Cal State Fullerton speech site:

Still, not to be stymied, as Paul turned and started to walk away, ol' Dulaney asked the question that was on every Orange Countians' mind: "Mr. Paul, have you had an In-N-Out burger?"

Quick... someone buy the good doctor a burger, will ya? Because...

"That's what a hammmmmmburger'ss alll about!!!"

We could exponentially register more voters for Ron Paul with this one simple but delicious act.

So UCSD... get to it! And take pictures!!!!

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I am pretty sure there are a

I am pretty sure there are a lot more issues more important than if our future president had a damned hamburger. Dear Lord, give me patience!
This reminds me of some of the asinine questions in that 1 debate.... spicy or mild, coke or pepsi.... etc. How ridiculous!

Formerly rprevolutionist

Doc likes fast food burgers.

Doc likes fast food burgers. Seemed like a good natured question, makes for good pr. There has to be some fun, and the photog probably got a great smile from Ron Paul on this one. Good natured, Friendly, locally slanted reporting along the way is a plus. Can you imagine the mob scene if he showed up there? Great PR, free!

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...double-doubles with bacon...hold the onions!

Fresh hot fries and a chocolate shake...

Gawd! Why are they only on the west coast...the best dang burgers ever!


oh that scribe's a douche

his previous post called the Doc all the typical smears and names. He jokingly not-jokingly were expecting liberal hecklers from his tribe.

Well frankly, he's more of a pop-culture scribe who's utterly clueless on philosophy, Constitution, or econ. But aren't they all? lol

He actually went thinking he was gonna mock our Gray Champion, and obviously deluded MSM 'reports' to be true. So of course he wouldn't expect the now typical R3VOL rally attendance size, which at this point ranges anywhere from 3,000-10,000! So frankly, I think the size and fervor of the R3VOL present frankly shocked him into silence.

Still, that post is by far his most fair and neutral one, on the Doc.

So kudos to that.

Eventually, even whore scribes have to 'report' some truth to maintain any semblance of some credibility. Oh we're gonna reach a crescendo, and critical mass soon, baby!

R3VOLution is coming for ya, California!

Predictions in due Time...

"Let it not be said that no one cared, that no one objected once it's realized that our liberties and wealth are in jeopardy." - Dr. Ronald Ernest Paul