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Michigan's 13th district (Detroit area where RP won the primary)

we are located in one of the most populated counties ( Wayne) and the only district in the state with one country.

Tonight was as positive night and a preview of things to come in this district. As you know, in Michigan we select delegates 2 years ahead. Despite redistricting and new faces, we managed to get 14 of the 40 delegate spots, but all of thew new delegates that I trained got the first 33 of 40 alternates ! And you know alternates are usually slotted in 5-10 perhaps. I feel good about 1 or 2 of the 3 national delegates and 2 or 3 of the alternates.

In addition, very low turn out for the establishment delegates, so next years new crop of Paul delegates are going to change the face of this district for years to come.

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Intersting converstation after

The district chair had expressed concerns over thoughts of a "hostile takeover", Despite not being a supporter, she ran a fair convention and this is all we can ask for.

Our people were trained well, polite and respectfulness, and I pointed that out.

Also it was still perplexing to me to hear from the establishment types about the "winning is everything" attitude. I argued, let's win with integrity, not just winning for winnings sake.

If our nation is going over a cliff on a bus, do I care if there is an "r" or a "d" painted on the side? Do any of you....let's keep this going so that we can have a real option come August.

"No army can stop an idea whose time has come"


They ain't seen nothin' yet