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FOX tries to destroy Paul campaign through an article full of inaccuracies

Click the link below to see the most pathetic, inaccurate article ever published. Everything screams idiocy, but it's no surprise from the MSM. I stopped reading after the third paragraph before erupting into a volcano of accuracy...how long can you last?


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Fox is dying

Why even bother clicking or talking about them by brand name.

Just like he did his son Rand

Now he's their little media darling. Wait until Ron Paul is the nominee! Ha ha, who has outfoxed who? How fast they will change their tune. What will they tell the sheeple (ostrich)? Now how the hell are they supposed to get WW3going? Meltdown in the Ministries of Truth. Hey Fox, News: where's the comments? zero comments?

Fox news is dying a slow death. I for one will not click

on any links to their stories. If people stop going to their site, then advertisers will take notice.

~Your perception becomes your reality~

So wrong it's funny; Republicans complaining of republicanism

If anyone is hijacking the Republican party it's Mitt Romney, the creator and promoter of Obamacare, the banner of firearms, the Washington lobbyist, the supporter of government bailouts.

In fact, one of the only true republicans in the Republican party is Ron Paul! Yet the Republican party doesn't want him, which proves that the Republican party is essentially a government agency now, which supports democracy, no different than the Democratic party.

Further the Republican party complains about Ron Paul winning elections in this republic in a republican fashion rather than democratic, even when the official process is republican and not democratic.

The Republican party is full of complete imbeciles! They don't even know what the name of their party means.

Won't click on a Fox Link

Yes, Fox news lies. That is becoming easier to point out to anyone still viewing it.

When Fox news airs that Ron Paul has stopped campaigning and the reality is he is drawing some of the largest crowds of any president in history...they are lying.

When Fox news labels Paul unelectable, when is the the only one running who holds an elected office, has held elected office more times than all the others combined...they are lying.

When Fox news airs footage of the crowd booing the announcement of Paul winning the CPAC vote, when the reality was there were all cheeers...they are lying.

Those are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the lies Fox news has been conscripted to spread.

Well said!

I won't click on faux links either. Let them get traffic from fools.

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