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Comedian Katt Williams Goes Off On Mexican Heckler! Teaches Him About America LMAO

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People are brain washed

People are brain washed man!!!! That's the only thing I can think of

juan maldonado

There is something seriously

There is something seriously wrong when a kid can't wear a USA t-shirt to school because the school thinks it might be deemed "racist". Or chanting USA USA is called racist. I live in an area where it's a high Hispanic population and there is a theme of wanting to fly Mexican flags above American ones and a feeling of higher loyalty Mexico or South America in general. I imagine it's a hotter issue down in the South Western states but it's still an issue for us in the Midwest.

You can love American but hate it's government. And you can love Mexico but hate it's government. But, I say if you love Mexico, you should stay there and fight for it. I say if you love what America stands for you should stay and fight for it. That's the very definition of a Patriot in my view.

But those who run to another country that they deem to have more opportunity and yet then despise that country and it's people while clinging tight to their love of their homeland are nothing short of cowardly parasites with no true loyalty to anyone.

They are not loyal to Mexico or they wouldn't have left it to rot. And they clearly are not loyal to America. They should either stay and fight in Mexico. Or come help us get our government to follow the constitution again.

I have a feeling it will be up to their children to sort this out

Man before I was introduced

Man before I was introduced to Dr. Paul I wouldn't know what to think about this! But now I know... You are do right! If he lived Mexico so much, go back kid!!! No really, go back!!! Yeah I bet he won't.

juan maldonado

America Is An Ideal...No One Is Born In America

...America is Born In You....

Now You Know What The Good Doctor is Birthing......within

Yeah, I read about that on CNN by that uber-liberal

Mexican CNN has writing opinion pieces for them called Navarrete. I don't approve of the foul language, but I'm glad Katt laid into that Mexi like that. I lived in Romania for five years and the number one cause of ethnic contention over there is the ethnic Hungarians who think that just because Hungary owned Transylvania before WWI that the Romanian government should let them have autonomy in Hungarian-majority counties and let the Hungarians elect their own president, government, and everything. This isn't a case of Mexican tourists or immigrant/non-citizens coming here and still loving their country more than the U.S. A lot of these crackpots are born right here in the USA but want Texas, Arizona, New Mexico, and California to be returned to third world Mexico.

Imagine if we gave those

Imagine if we gave those states back! There would be so much violence over night, there already is...

juan maldonado

Divisive and misses the point

imaginary lines on a planet. We are not enemies. Mexico suffers because of corruption in government, from both theirs and ours leading people to come here.

We suffer in this country to a lesser degree, making America more tolerable than most other places, but thats because we run the corruption and benefit from the spoils.

Divisiveness based on race or nationalism as seen in this video is pointless and counterproductive. All people from all countries should fight the corruption not each other.

Sure shouting USA may make you feel good but in the end we're all being manipulated into defending our corrupt masters under the guise of patriotism.

Is It true that true

Is It true that true libertarians believe in no boarders?

juan maldonado

Oh yeah I definitely

Oh yeah I definitely understand I agree with u, I'm just glad he had the balls to tell' em to fight for his country then.

juan maldonado

The Constitution of Coahuila y Texas ----1824 to 1836

Texas and Coahuila were neither part of Mexico or the USA they were an independent republic.

It is hard to imagine a more stupid or more dangerous way of making decisions than by putting those decisions in the hands of people that pay no price for being wrong.
Thomas Sowell

I'm in the demographic that some will say "should be offended"

But I'm not offended at all.

There were two brothers from Mexico, that fought in the Texas War of Independence.

They fought on opposite sides. One for Mexico, and the other for Texas.

I think one lived in Texas, and one lived in Mexico. But that's the way nature is... You end up fighting for your neighbors, your neighborhood, your land, your city, your state.

Texas has problems. I admit that.

All sorts of problems.

But it's my state.

And if for some crazy reason Mexico tries to claim us, I'll pick up a rifle.

And if for some crazier reason, we decide to separate, I'll pick up a rifle.

It takes a damn fool to stand in a foreign country and claim it as your own.

The heckler was that fool.

he is right

if you live here and become an American, your allegiance should be USA

IDK but i agree with

IDK but i agree with everything he said. There is a reason why people are fleeing there country!!! its because it sucks man!!! dont get me wrong, this country is getting worst too, but not like some other countries. If you love your country, then fight for it! right or wrong???

juan maldonado

Si,me gusto Katt Williams

Si,me gusto Katt Williams porque he said "para la revolucion". Most obomba supporters believe in him are also (immigrant )due to the proposal on amnesty. That is why it is tight Katt came and said my mexi-americans since most of us realize our rights that we once had because were born here and They just need money to support their family across the border but no one gets freedom that way.

¶~~*~~Losing an illusion makes you wiser than finding a truth. ~Ludwig Börne~~*~~¶

His problem with the guy

was the guy was of Mexican decent living in the U.S. and trying to claim America as Mexico's because "they had it", yet the guy is still living here, etc. and off they went. That's when Katt pointed out he was in Phoenix, USA, etc. and the guy wouldn't stop so Katt poured it on him. If the guy would've shut up, it would've been over.

Personally, I thought it was hilarious and from listening to Katt before, he's an even handed dude as far as race and I'd bet he's a Paul supporter given his attitudes toward race, drugs, life, etc.; essentially a "live free" and enjoy life style.

I know right lol. I'm Spanish

I know right lol. I'm Spanish and i agree with everything that Katt said. Mexico is runned by the cartels and that's why it's a war zone over there... People need to wake up!!! He's not dissing Mexican people but there country.

juan maldonado