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Is Ben Swann correct?

In his most recent analysis Ben recommended the following link for the delegate count:


According to it, Romney has 700 delegates so far, and Ron Paul only 100. Is this correct?

Also, what do these numbers mean? Do these numbers reflect bound delegates, or their voting commitments (even for the second round)? I know that they can change their minds in the second round, but did they express their loyalty to, e.g., Romney somehow?

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Ben Swann's delegate number

Ben Swann's delegate number doesn't count "unallocated" delegates from caucus states, etc, which is something like 400.

And don't get discouraged,

And don't get discouraged, while I hope we can win this, Dr. Paul has probably spoken to close to 20,000 people in California alone between his stops there last month and this month. A lot of those people will be the major voting block in about 10 - 20 years. The gop is getting stirred up at all levels and changing. And it's being done by people who never would have thought of getting involved in the political process to begin with. The r3volution is also finding common ground between Republicans, Democrats and Independents and bringing them together to vote for Paul. A lot of people are awakening to fed policy and how the government, when taking on roles that they aren't suited for, does not fix a problem. And more Libertarian-minded candidates are running for office at all levels. I must say that Dr. Paul is a very smart man : ).

And I am really hoping for

And I am really hoping for some fun drama in Tampa in August!

yes but there will be

yes but there will be more.

Take Louisianan -
46 Delegates
Santorum 40
Romney 6
(Paul has 111 of 150 district delegates before state conven.)

This will change soon in Paul's favor once the state convention is held

Iowa Caucus 28 Delegates
13 Ron Paul
12 TBD June 15

I believe Paul is going to take more of those 12 delegates on June 15th.

Maine is still listed as undecided because their state convention is tomorrow... that will be another 20+ delegates for Paul depending on how badly the nasty Maine GOP try to stonewall us

compare this to the political tracker at WSJ
They say:
Romney has 847
Paul 80

That's a discrepancy of 166 delegates so far and we know more are on the way even without the upcoming california & texas primaries

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It's an estimate. There are

It's an estimate. There are no "correct" counts since the delegates may all change their minds between now and then.