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Local News Coverage: UC Davis 8-10k Rally

I was there...great crowd, awesome speech. We are winning hearts and minds people!!! The rally seemed bigger than Berkeley!


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The MSM is begrudgungly giving Ron Paul coverage,.....

BECAUSE THEY HAVE TO! They without exception will always preface any comments by first attempting to plant the failure seed (that he is too far behind to matter), a subliminal message that they hope works with the sheeple. That strategy is not working.

terrible coverage

,bottom line this was not positive coverage no matter what you cali folks or locals say. Great jopb at the rally but the coverage sucked. colorado delegate

Ron Paul 2016

I agree, If they keep getting away with saying its over...

The revolution will never overthrow the head of the snake. They think we can just continue to tell us "But you know its over right?" after defrauding the vote counts and blacking out Ron Paul. We can't thank them for this crap.

We do need to win or else things will get much worse over the next 4-8 years. They are already doing their best to shred the bill of rights. What is to stop us from becoming like every other nation in the world that has great debate but the right man never wins?

So great, they actually covered the THOUSANDS of people who attended, but they continue the BS mantra that is destroying this country. We need to let them know they are part of the PROBLEM.

This news report absolutely raised my blood pressure. This is why I have completely stopped watching news on TV.

not bad coverage

If you look around the mainstream media, there is no Ron Paul, but this local station like many others, are picking up the news and carrying it. This was a NEWS piece without slant. I been around a long time and this is not talking smack or being some way empathetic to Romney. Speciallyblend, I think you are way off the mark here

For Liberty!!!


They talk about his strategy and many other positive things. I do see how you would see that the delegate count shows them being biased, but honestly, even some RP supporters STILL dont understand how the delegate count works, how the campaign counts them and how many are spoken for Ron Paul. Its really hard for PEOPLE to get an actual count at this time aside from PROMISED DELEGATES. I enjoyed the piece, and I dont think this channel was trying to be the distortion'ists the lamestream is, I think they just don't get it....and besides these ladies are NO BEN SWANN from Cinci, but, they did well. credit where credit is DUE!

For Liberty!!!

Austin, Texas!!! Sunday, May 6th 2pm

Just a reminder to everyone in Texas, especially if you live in or near Austin. Ron Paul is having a Tea Party rally downtown on the steps of the State Capital building on Sunday, May 6th at 2pm.
Also, there is a huge festival going on a few blocks away called Old Pecan Street Festival on Saturday and Sunday so plenty to see and do downtown this weekend.
Suntans and Beautiful Smiles!!!
See you there :)

Let it be written, that in 2012 we changed the World!!!

Two steps ahead?

Wouldn't it be ironic if the rich man controlling these stations thought of this ahead knowing that Ron Paul has a great chance of winning, and his evil intention was to create the great underdog story?

I can't wait to hear Bill OReilly talk about how great Obama is when it's Paul vs Obama

David Rockefeller

Can't black this out. CNBC and the Globalist eugenicist control freaks will be DEFEATED! AGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHH!!! (Don't tell anyone, it's me Alex Jones). : )

Senator Peter Schiff 2016

If it were impossible for Ron

If it were impossible for Ron Paul to win the nomination no one would bother to say so.


If Ron Paul had no chance, Mainstream news wouldn't even mention his name. Its negative bias to keep the sheeple away from Paul. It makes me happy, Because we do still have a chance

Crappy mainstream media propaganda piece

Always trying to distort things, always spreading disinformation and flat out lies rather than facts. It's a shame they ruin excellent video footage.

AP delegate lies, Ron Paul can't win, Ron Paul's only trying to spread a message, the Romney and Obama campaigns are reaching out to Ron Paul, etc, etc, lie after lie.

How is that?

This, like every station in Sacramento ran an EXCELLENT piece.

IF you want media that tells people exactly what you want to hear and exactly how you want to hear it BUY A STATION!

IT IS ABSURD to suggest that this coverage is not excellent.

It's lame in the extreme to watch this and conclude that somehow it wasn't great.

Besides, I worked too damn hard to get this coverage.

Go ahead, crap on victory all you want.

But I'll call you on that nonsense every time you spout it.

EVERY TV station in Sacramento ran coverage, those with news shows thru the night and in the morning STILL were running these very positive accounts.

That was no accident. WinLiberty DID THAT.

You can call it whatever you want, but that doesn't make your comments any more insightful, intelligent or correct.


What are you arguing about? At least the event got a mention. I'm thrilled that we got some airtime. The piece was decent.

And judging by the fact that you are both big time DailyPaul supporters, I think it is fair to say that your intentions are good. So QuitCherBitchin'. We all need to keep up the good fight.

I'm thrilled too

As I worked my ass off to get that mention.

Media ignore a story and it must get out, so we got it out.

It's going to be very hard for anyone to put a cork in it now because Media outlets go for the story.

They see there's a story here, a story in these crowds.

That's the whole point BE MEDIA by WinLiberty has been making.

It worked in the Sacramento market and it can work elsewhere.

That clip above was earned. I know because I earned it and it was very positive coverage.

I reject any claim that it was negative toward Ron Paul, simply because I reject untruths and utter bs when they arise.

So that is what is going on here?

You feel like you earned the above clip and as a result you want to ignore and downplay the lies in it?

Don't recognize proaganda when you see it? That's a problem.

Because that means the media can tell you what they want and you'll eat it up and pass it on. This video is far from "excellent."

Some of the propaganda and lies sold to fools in this video:

1) Mitt Romney 847 delegates, Ron Paul 'just' 80 delegates.


2) "Paul supporters pretty much have to know this race is over."

Lie, propaganda.

3) "Winning isn't the most important thing."


4) "It doesn't matter if he wins or not."

Selective propaganda.

Don't be a tool. Your own videos are much better than this Fox News propaganda piece simply because they show raw fact and truth without any propaganda or lies mixed in.

You have NO CLUE what you are talking about

I have covered this, LIVE, as it happens, the record of that coverage is here and on WinLiberty.com

This media we got in Sacramento was uniformly positive and it was EVERY Station.

The fact that they don't spout your nonsense is because MOST Americans live on this planet and not wherever it is you broadcast from.

NO rational human can look at that piece and decide it is negative toward Ron Paul.

Don't try to justify lies. See those points I made just for you?

If you don't realize those are lies and propaganda trying to discourage people from voting for and supporting Ron Paul in the nomination by making them think it's over, well then you really do have no clue. Maybe you're so used to seeing the delegate and media lies that you've bought into them yourself and don't even realize they are lies. Just because you pack a camera around doesn't mean you know what you're talking about - obviously.

What nonsense are you referring to? The support of the truth, and honesty?

Do you think Romney has 847 delegates? Do you think the nomination is over? Do you think Dr. Paul has no chance?


I'm used to doing something about it rather than hanging around in chat fora spouting gibberish.

I just did something again, with the BE MEDIA project for WinLiberty.

Ron Paul's speech just got more nearly "INSTANT" coverage in one area than any Ron Paul speech this season.

THAT is what I did.

I also just put up a High Definition Video which is shot and edited by another professional person (he's a videographer; I'm a political consultant) working in concert with WinLiberty and others to bring this stuff to the people of America so that they can see what is going on.

NO ONE sees what you spout off about in these FORA.


The coverage I worked to get for those speeches has been seen on every TV station and in the major daily, just to mention the Sacramento and Northern California media markets.

BE MEDIA just got EVERY TV STATION AND THE MAJOR DAILY TO COVER RON PAUL's speech, seen in my post, on our YouTube Channel AND on WinLiberty.com in High Definition...plus freely available for ACTIVE Ron Paul supporters to use as a tool, to spread the word.

We don't sit around and gripe about imagined threats...WE DO!

It takes hard work; I did it.

What the heck have you done?

Media lies are still media lies

And your ignorance of them is still ignorance.

It's great that you're filming video, but I wouldn't say that's more important than what I've done, as I've actually gotten involved and been elected. That's what we really need to do.

So your post merely amounts to bragging about filming videos and lying about me, because you don't know me. And obviously you're doing that because you want to try to change the subject and somehow claim you're more important than others and know what you're talking about because you run around with a video camera. And the facts of my original comments still stand - this news video contains lies and propaganda, which you apparently still don't recognize.


And why do you call it "fora?" That is just bizarre. Are you not American?

I don't own a camera

I GOT the media for Ron Paul's speeches.

It all has been done here, ON DAILY PAUL,in broad daylight, and on WinLiberty.

I didn't do it alone, I recruited others for a massive project which still needs people to be MORE MASSIVE.

Media doesn't know what is going on, they can't KNOW Ron Paul will be in town the next day, on short notice.

How do you expect them to cover what they don't know is happening.

You claim "conspiracy" when what is actually happening is right in front of your face.

I created the BE MEDIA project to shove the facts into the face of reporters and editors in EVERY place Ron Paul speaks and everywhere else I can shove it into faces.

You, on the other hand sit in a chair claiming it all should come across the screen your way.

That's plainly just ignorant.

My record is there, on WinLiberty and on Daily Paul in news releases, media lists AND film and photos.

Your record is based on conspiratorial nonsense, gibberish.

Everything WinLiberty is doing is to GIVE the material to others so that they can run with it.

Some do, and some stay in a fantasy world of conspiracy instead of simply attempting to communicate.

Here's the bottom line

It doesn't matter what you do! It does not justify the media spreading lies and propaganda.

Nor does it justify you defending them.

It's like you're not even reading my comments before replying. Is that what you're doing? Or are you just avoiding my comments?

Why do you call these forums, "fora?"

fora is plural

that's why; it's a proper use of the word

Americans don't call forums 'fora'

What country are you from?

Delegate counts is their only metric.

Sprint ahead and be declared the winner before the tape... Check

But what more can WMR give us than empty promises.

Free includes debt-free!

i took his mask off cause no one else would...

i asked if he was in the KKK, he said "no" i asked if he was white power and he said "no" i asked why he had a kkk hood on and he said he was making a "statement" wrong answer. my actions had nothing to do with the ron paul rally. i took his hood off with out touching any part of his body. if your white power i will knock you out no matter where we are, if its a joke then its a bad one. the only statement he made was how much of a idiot he is. don't let these fools run around like that, stand for what you believe in. Dr. Paul will be gone sooner or later but the revolution will never end! stand up now and don't ever back down.

reedr3v's picture

The hood was used to hide identity. If someone

believes his "statement" is true and noble, why hide behind a mask? The coward you unhooded knew his stance was a political smear and there was no honor in it.

If someone dressed as a Nazi, that would also be deliberately provacative -- and if wearing a mask, cowardly and rightfully outed, IMO, so long as violence was not used to harm the individual.

I saw you do it.... people

I saw you do it.... people started applauding

I was there

off to the far left side facing Ron Paul. My guesstimate was that there was 2-3k people there. It would have been awesome if there were 8-10k, but I just don'think that is the case. I took some pictures of the crowd. I guess I'll have to look at em again. Was just awesome to get to see RP. I loved his comment about bicycles so perfect as he is a cyclist :)

Isaiah 2:4
And he shall judge among the nations, and shall rebuke many people: and they shall beat their swords into plowshares, and their spears into pruning hooks: nation shall not lift up sword against nation, neither shall they learn war any more.

I was there aswell but on the

I was there aswell but on the right hand side. I agree, it was more than likey about 2 to 3 thousand.