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Local News Coverage: UC Davis 8-10k Rally

I was there...great crowd, awesome speech. We are winning hearts and minds people!!! The rally seemed bigger than Berkeley!


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I was there as well

and in Chico last month. In my honest opinion, there were more people there yesterday compared to Chico. You need a good aerial photo to get an estimate. I was just left facing the stage towards the back. People were packed almost to the sidewalk behind me. 8 thousand would be my estimate...

Would be really cool

I hope there were at least that many. I def agree about the arial photo. Lol, my wife said the same thing last night.

Isaiah 2:4
And he shall judge among the nations, and shall rebuke many people: and they shall beat their swords into plowshares, and their spears into pruning hooks: nation shall not lift up sword against nation, neither shall they learn war any more.

Great rally, huge crowd BUT

Great rally, huge crowd BUT they did not have a good sound system. My wife was in the back of the crowd and they could not hear what was being said. So, for San Diego I recommend turning the volume up to 11 (Spinal Tap reference ; > )so that everyone can hear. Otherwise, great night.

Sound did suck

We were yelling for them to turn the sound up and I guess one of the guys who hooked up the sound system turned to me and told me they couldn't because they were getting crazy feedback.

Vinnie V.

No excuse, what would they

No excuse, what would they tell U2 if they came to play a concert, "uh, sorry Bono but we are getting crazy feedback" ? They had the speakers pointed inward rather then outward and the Mic was in front of the speakers but when they moved it back the feedback was reduced. This should be checked ahead of time. Very unprofessional. Get it right next time please. Also, rather then hearing people continually yell "CAN'T HEAR YOU!" why don't people go directly to the sound guy and say we can't hear you before the speech starts? Overall a great night but I want the Liberty Sound Waves to reach as far a possible next time.

Not RP's fault.

It sucks he has to deal with unprofessional sound people. I blame the Youth for RP chapter at Davis and piss poor sound checks....I mean did they forget who they were hosting or something? This wasn't a Mitt rally..this was RON PAUL for Pete's sake....

Vinnie V.

Yeah, the probelm is Ron Paul exceeds normal sound systems

His crowds are bigger than what typical sounds systems are designed for.

Live stream audio to cell phones.

Listen anywhere.

Easier to count connections than to count crowds.

Free includes debt-free!

"We get more bicyclists than

"We get more bicyclists than anyone else! This is great!" - Ron Paul

Best quote of the speech for me. ha ha.

Every time I see an adult on a bicycle, I no longer despair for the future of the human race. -H. G. Wells

Great crowd, great speech

Dr. Paul gave a great speech to a very large and enthusiastic crowd. The crowd was very mixed demographically. I feel very hopeful for this country seeing all the informed, active patriots turning out. We may just get a critical mass and turn this ship around. Keep fighting .

Way to go UC Davis!!! FANTASTIC!!!

Way to go UC Davis!!! FANTASTIC!!!

8-10k Greater Sacramento area brings it.

Sons of Liberty motorcycle club, "full leathers" voted best dressed. Props to the people who handled the two agent provocateurs with their KKK hood and hate sign, very funny.
Trust me folks RP is so much better live woo hoo.

Those may have been the same

Those may have been the same guys who were at Chico with the "Patriot Act Saves Lives" sign. I confronted them at Chico and could tell they were just messing around.

I saw that....

What an intellegent crowd! And Kudos to the people there when they ignored the little 'pretend assault' those same agent provocateurs tried to stage...I was standing close by and I even heard people in the crowd during this moment say the words, "Agent Provocateurs" while these guys made their attempts at disruption....

There wasn't any stupidity or hate in the crowd at all and thus those guys just had to scurry off after not being able to find anyone they could film wanting to violently confront them or anyone who didn't see right through what it was they were trying to do.

There is too much awareness and too much love in the R3volution for that to work. and while it was this R3volution's crowd allowed these provocateurs act out as individuals, the provocateurs found no individuals who would instead follow them.

Ron was bringing too much intellegent love for anybody to want to focus on anything but the intellegent love.

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has. - Margaret Mead

Agent Provocateurs

Those two clowns did more to help RP's message of liberty than hurt it. My friend came to the rally with me (he just started learning about RP). I used those two clowns as an example of what RP stands for (nonaggression and freedom of speech). I was able to explain to him and a couple of other people that those guys are able to get away with those signs because RP supporters are generally nonviolent and have live and let live mentality. I did witness quite a few people get very angry with the clowns and for a while I thought a fight would break out but something else happened instead: RP supporters were telling other RP supporters to just leave those guys alone it's free speech and RP wouldn't like aggression even against libel. Oh the irony (which I'm sure the clowns had no clue they were a party to). They are protesting the ONE man that fights for their right to protest regardless of how crappy the message was.

I had to say something to one of the clowns as he walked right in front of me...I just couldn't help myself. The sign said something like Ron Paul #1 Racist and it had "quotes" from those racist letters on the other side. I said to him "So Ron Paul is a racist huh? Look around you, it's a melting pot bro...moron". He just kept on walking. I was at the Berkley rally and now the Davis rally...BOTH were so diverse it was awesome.

Vinnie V.

I was standing right next to you

I heard you say that. I told my son right after your comment that the ironic thing about it was that the crowd is there to promote the fools right to do foolish things.

I have to quibble with the crowd size estimate, I think the Sac Bee was closer to the mark with 2,500. Still impressive, I have been behind this movement since 2008 and it is impressive to see the groundswell occurring.

THere was also a great quote in the Bee from a guy who is an independent and just registered repub to vote for Paul this go around. He said something to the effect "If you had tole me 4 years ago that I would be voting for a white Republican from Texas this time, I would probably have punched you in the nose." All that hope for Obama has been forsaken.

I agree on the crowd estimate

They did the same thing to the Berkeley rally..they inflated the crap out of it...not sure why or how the RP campaign comes up with their numbers but I was leaning towards like 3k at best. Then again, we could be wrong..lol

Vinnie V.

There were way more than 3k.

There were way more than 3k. It was hard to see the whole crowd, but it was packed. I thought it was bigger than UC Berkeley.

When is Ron Paul coming to Stanford? He could pick up a ton of support from there.

They have to know that this

They have to know that this race is over.... blah blah blah. You have to know the rules journalist

Nice story by the local Fox affiliate.

If only they were smart enough to know that the AP's "delegate tracker" is a sham.

New Hampshire and Ecuador.

Ya, aside from the normal

Ya, aside from the normal denigrations, it was a good story.