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Were you fooled by Beck's early "excoriating" of Romney?

...I wasn't.

He is singing his praises loudly now, whereas just a couple months ago he was attacking Romney for the closet leftist that he is.


Beck talks all about restoring the Constitution and Christian principles all the time, and then turns against the only principled Constitutionalist still left in the race in order to favor a man who has made a career out of trashing the Constitution.

And many "evangelicals" watch this guy regularly? The largest Evangelical university invites BOTH of these clowns as commencement speakers within the past two years..."Liberty" University, my backside...


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And guess who has Bain in his pocket?
Romney!Thank You for your posts!

My wife just loved Glen Beck, but yesterday

she had enough and has cancelled her subscription to his show. I think it may have been Will Rogers who said "Don't pick your hero's until they have died" However, I will stand by one exception to this and that is the amazing Dr. Ron Paul. He will never balk on principles and will never let us down.



Thanks for asking!

"Make the lie big, make it simple, keep saying it, and eventually they will believe it." -- Joseph Goebbels

Time to retire the phrase "Anyone but Obama" replace with..

"Nothing Less Than Freedom" #NLTF > #ABO

You couldn't be more correct. All of my neocon friends, loose their Sh!+ over how much of a commie Obamya is, (again 99% true) but they get so blinded that they either can't see, don't want to see, or completely ignore the fact that, on just about every substantive issue they have with Obama, Mittins hold the same position! ahhhh!!

Every time I hear this drivel, a sudden urge to hit my head against the wall comes over me, every time. The phrase "so close but couldnt be farther away" is perfect for this situation IMHO.

Karl Rove has done an impressive hypnosis of the American people once again...

sorry, thanks for letting me vent!

Next time comes at you with, "but, but, Anyone but Obama!" give them "Nothing less than Freedom!!!!"

Don't stop believing

You are correct

I spent 8 years at Liberty University as a student and an employee. Its full of neo-cons.

"Once you become knowledgeable, you have an obligation to do something about it."- Ron Paul

It is really an amazing

It is really an amazing rhetorical turnaround. He has created a new Beckian world in which Obama is an evil commie (pretty true) but Romney is a noble free-market, pro-liberty entrepreneur. As others have said, the whole Santorum thing was a ruse. Blood (Mormonism) is really thicker than water.

Is he saying that

or implying it. Is he straight out saying it now? He has a clever way of directing people's thoughts without outing himself.

You're right. He's implying

You're right. He's implying it clearly but always has deniability. Sometimes he will throw in a line that "I've been very critical of Romney" and then move to a long monolog about how Obama is unfairly criticizing Romeny.

No, actions speak louder than words...

frauds, hypocrites, liars, fakes, phonies all.

Beck has a profile on RTP

He Now Has 2 Reviews, Mine and BettyLiberty: We Both Gave Him

lowest ratings across the board! It took me forever to figure out how to rate them. The website needs to make it more user friendly. I also rated Sean Hannity, Bill O'Reilly and Diane Swayer. Ben Swann received an outstanding rating from me and was elated but not surprised to see he had 5 star ratings from everyone!


Who is this Beck Guy?

Just turn them all off

Beck is a Mormon

I was shocked when he was dissing him. Now he's fallen into the nice little tidy place where he should have been all along.

I don't remember him dissing

I don't remember him dissing Mitt at all (certainly compared to the way he dissed Newt) but he did not "talk up" Santorum for a while (though that was pretty much a show for his clueless listeners).


...I just hope this "flip flop" on the part of Beck, and his willingness to now support the absolute worst RINO in the original pack of RINO candidates dooms his following among evangelicals.

Ron Paul should be getting that voting bloc!

"Truth is an absolute defense to the charge of paranoia."

Just another thing

that I want to mention, that's not limited to Beck.

This "anyone but Obama" thing that the neocons have got going is nothing more than an excuse to ignore the pathetic credentials of the neocons, and focus people on looking at how bad Obama is.

Sure, Obama is BAD. But that doesn't mean any of these neocon hacks are any better, or any solution to the problem.
That's the biggest con game that the neocons are running right now, that they are somehow the "solution" to the Obama problem.
And they clearly are NOT. They are just another Obama or another Bush, with a different name.

It's funny

They went from Anybody But Obama to Anybody But Romney, and certainly Anybody But Ron Paul LOL


I can't think of one major

I can't think of one major national talk show host who hasn't supped from the Romney koolaid: Beck, Ingraham, Rush, Hannity, Snitt (a complete A hole), Savage. I don't know about Levin but I assume he has too. Their willingness to forget (actually block out) the past is almost Orwellian.

Perhaps the local hosts are better but I doubt it.

What about...

Jason Lewis? I really enjoy listening to him.
We had a local guy named Demetri (sp?) He always called Paul "his guy". But he's gone now :(
Shnitt is awful.. I can listen to people I disagree with aka Rush or even Combs.. But Shnitt takes forever to get to every single story.. he stalls and stalls and stalls.. It's just awful to listen to.. on top of that you're absolutely right.. he's a total A-hole. Like he did a whole show on Ron Paul's eyebrows.. wtf?

I never heard Lewis. Shnitt

I never heard Lewis. Shnitt is even more of a pain to listen to than Hannity and that's saying a hell of a lot. He middle name is "arrogant dick."

Once in a blue moon when I spot a real live Romney supporter

They are always so shocked to find out I won't be supporting Romney. They'll spend the next half hour explaining to me all the bad things Obama has done, all of which I already knew about, and I'll even usually add a few things to their list. My response is, what does it say about your candidate that you can't even argue positively for him? Your support is based entirely on your hatred of the opposition. The notion that Obama is SO bad that Romney MUST be better is ridiculous. Choosing between those two is like asking someone whether they'd rather drown in 50 ft of water or 100ft of water. Sure one is twice as bad as the other, but it doesnt even matter, because either way you're done. And yet they are so confused as to why I won't gleefully drown in 50 ft of water...

Tu ne cede malis sed contra audentior ito

Beautiful analogy...

you put it swimmingly.. or .. well.. you know what I mean.


What's UNBELIEVABLE to me is that people still think, after all this time, that people like Beck, O'Reilly, Hannity, or Rush will "come around".

Come off it, already! These men are pundits for one reason: To make a buck. They probably don't actually have any actual political leanings at all.

Beck has merely identified himself as one of the GOP

White Elephants...how many people of real substance really, really listen to his mumble jumble? Mitt is a neo con bedbug and he attracts these parasitic budbugs to him like Beck, and of course the GOP neo con establishment like what runs the city I live in here in Maine, the headquarters of neo con neo cheating.

Never mind Glenn Beck. One could get infected with this Bedbug. And you know how difficutlt it is to get rids of bedbugs. Just stay away from them and spray them with light and they go away. Oh, this includes the Rush bedbug too.

fearless brave joyful peaceful loving grateful, compassionate

Beck is a master...

Beck was really funny when he first came on the air. I slowly realized that he draws listeners from different demographics and beliefs into his audience with religion talk, conspiracy talk, Fed talk, spending talk, etc... Then he moves their thinking to the Statist spin. He wrote the confession of who he really is in his book, "Overton Window." He is the mouth-piece for the manipulators of the public.

Is it spelled shill?

A master? Nah... He's a rodeo clown.

His job is to distract people from the raging bull charging at us all.

he draws listeners from different demographics

Carl Parton


for awhile when he first arrived on air I watched him and saw litle manipulations goin on (I was vary active in NYC political activism for years and learned those little quirks that signal a crack in which the LIE dwells ) and I wanted to grok his agenda.

Didnt take long and I couldnt watch as to me he ws so sickenly obvious but it showed me that age and experience (me)is what audiences need to also be able to see those like Beck in their nakedness and not fall for the words dripig with honey & kookaid.

"Then he moves their thinking to the Statist spin. "

you sure were able to grok him!!


Stuff like this

actually helps us in the long run.
The hypocrites out themselves and become obvious.

Most times, when you tell somebody that the neocons are actually hawkish Democrats who infiltrated the Republican Party and took it over, they don't believe it.
But now, when you can point out how obviously liberal Romney is, and their support of him, it gets pretty hard to deny the hypocrisy.
It shows these neocons for what they are.

It seems today, if a person promotes a certain social issue or two, like pro-life, or anti-gay marriage, that is 'supposed' to get them 'conservative' creds. That's the costume mask. Social positions are not the core of conservatism. They use those hot-button social positions to disguise their big-gov't progressive political position.

It's nearly impossible to find a real conservative these days, outside of Ron Paul.

He tries to SEEM like a crazy person..

And I even find myself screaming "you're insane!!" at the radio when he's on. But, IMHO it's all an act, even when he wraps himself in the constitution. Beck is a statist at heart.

Beck's epiphany was profound.

It came when he realized about Romney that "at least he's not a communist." (Personally I'm not so sure.)

He and his sidekicks are using a lot of humor to make the bitter Romney pill go down more easily: "If Mitt Romney was convicted of using child slave labor to grind up live kittens we'd still vote for him over Barrack Obama."

I'd like to see what antics they pull in support of Ron Paul when he is the nominee.

New Hampshire and Ecuador.