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Candidate for Congress in AZ-CD9, Martin Sepulveda, Veteran & Constitutionalist, Ron Paul Supporter

My call with him, anyway you can support would be great:


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Hmm... wonder why you didn't mention....

He's a former McCain staffer.

Or are you endorsing and pushing candidates you dont really know about?

Why didn't Sepulveda complete the Liberty PAC survey and earn Dr. Paul's endorsement?

I would hope that at the very least any Ron Paul supporter who

I would hope that at the very least any Ron Paul supporter who is a candidate for federal office would put his support to audit and or eliminate the Federal Reserve would put that on his campaign web site. So far as my web searches are able to show that is not the case.

Believe it or not we can send really good thoughts to Martin...

Many people do not realize that thoughts ARE THINGS...that fact is that we do have a potent effect on others just using and directing thoughts. This is what some people call prayer. Sending good thoughts of love and light to Martin, his family, and all those good President Paul supporters too.

fearless brave joyful peaceful loving grateful, compassionate

Agreed Cherio, I also believe

Agreed Cherio, I also believe that human action is the best form of prayer, which is something I'm working on!

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