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This Is Why The GOP Establishment Is Afraid of Ron Paul! (And US!)

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Legitimate Strategy...

Yes, winning the most delegates is a legitimate strategy. The straw votes are meant to help republican insiders understand public opinion of their base. Ultimately, Republican insiders (active members) decide the nominee...it is a private party.

Unfortunately the "Republican base" is primarily motivated by media not by Republican values. This means that undermining the media domination of the election process will result in significant "blowback" during a general election.

To combat this, the campaign (not Ron Paul, because he's doing awesome) needs to simplify his message into easy to understand repetitive bullet points.

The media is going to crucify Ron Paul, you will only hear: the end of medicare, he wants to abolish social assistance, he wants to let the terrorists win, critisims of Keynesian economists...

It needs to be combated with logic and honesty, because those things are not true and we all know that Ron Paul is the hard road to avoid disaster.

I want to hear an actual, professional

expert with parliamentary and election law experience give an opinion on this, before we all count on these rules to pull this convention out for us.
For one thing, many states with bound delegates will not have the opportunity for one of our delegates to stand up and give the votes. The delegation will not even be polled, now will it caucus before the roll call (first ballot) votes are announced. Like, Texas, one of the state dignitaries will announce the state's vote according to who won their primary.

All together now; say it with me

suspend the rules and "un-bind" the delegates
(not un-bound, as so many are saying)

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I think everyone believing this "unbound" mistake

is going to be highly disappointed.

Somebody is not understanding this rule correctly.

No matter. We have a job to do. A Constitution to restore.

Party On!

Free includes debt-free!

+ 1,000,000

I know it can work. Thanks Matt Larson and please share this video.

Go Ron Paul!!!

November 6th 2012 I voted for Dr.Ron Paul
"We must remember, elections are short-term efforts. Revolutions are long-term projects." ~ Ron Paul