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WE Are In Control

This is what we have worked for. We MUST follow through to the very end or it has all been in vain.

No One But Paul.

ALL Delegates MUST Vote Ron Paul no matter the round.

If they become disgruntled or angry, then so be it. Everybody MUST Vote Ron Paul.

WE Are In Control.

This is what Ron Paul has been trying to teach us all of this time:


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all your delegates

are belong to us

We need more delegates

Rather than tell delegates what to do. Help us get more. The upcoming primary states need help.

Keep making phone calls.

Come out to TX and walk precincts.

Come out to CA and help us register supporters so they can vote for Paul and those running for office. The crowning of Mitt assures a low turnout.

Help us reach more Paul supporters and get them to the polls to pick up more delegates.

Help existing delegates get to their conventions. There's lots to do and more states that haven't voted yet.



"Observe the masses,and do the opposite."

2nd that

All In!

Third that!

Well said. Never give up, never give in.