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Casey at Occupy DC is not sure if he owns himself- AVTM


Adam does a great job here with getting the conversation down to the basic question of slavery vs free choice. I would give Casey a pat on the back though, for at least knowing about Hayek and the Austrian School. Even with his opposing view points, he said Hayek was a very smart man.

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I have a feeling that Kid is smart enough to figure out

that he's on the wrong track. You could see the wheels turning...

Great Job Adam.

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He appears to have the base knowledge he needs, it a matter of turning on the light at the back of the room. :)

good interview

I'm glad I watched the whole thing!


It took a good 10 minutes to get to the root of the issue and Adam got there!

It's important I feel to watch the full interview to see the progression of the debate/conversation and where the final battle of ideas is won.

Very good case study here.





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yes...what you said!

yes...what you said!

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