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1,000,000 Man/Woman Ron Paul march!

So the elite in their desperation is trying a different tactic. First they tried blacking out Ron Paul hoping that the nation would forget about him. When they did print a story, it was always bitter sweet. They couldn't give the man credit without making sure to add in a "low-blow", or should I say a back handed compliment. Now out of their fear, they are starting to crawl out of their mansions and underground bases, calling up their buddies and telling them to report that Ron Paul and his people are cheating and causing "mischief." They're now attacking RP's credibility. I'd ask myself, now why would they want to start painting this picture? It's pretty simple. Their injection these falsehoods and mind-programing Americans to believe that so when RP has the majority of the delegates they'll just sweep the rug from right under us and flood the media with how Ron Paul people exploited the delegate system, and that we are very few in numbers....They are not stupid..

I say we hold a 1,000,000 man/woman RP march at the RNC! Show the nation that Ron Paul is America's choice!

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A huge show of support at the convention

ia a great idea, is anything being planned? I am sure from what I have read the security will be there to discourage any protests. A big turnout of supporters will encourage RP and any of his delegates

I dunno..this sort of thing

I dunno..this sort of thing may be what got MLK whacked. I think our support should show in other ways...


Do you not know about this? The plan is already set forth. Also join them on facebook. :) Spread the word.

I'm on board.

If a date is coordinated, I'll be there to protest with everyone else.

This is why we'll win

Great individual thinking and sharing those thoughts. I second the idea. I'll make the journey from Centre County Pa. close my business if I must. It's that important. Go Ron Paul

Mitt Romney's

Support is basically the same as fiat currency, fake and almost worthless.

Romney's support are protest votes, after they vote they go home and turn the TV back on.

They are not engaged or passionate.

I see no Romney signs, bumper stickers, by me.

Proof enough that he either has no real support or people are embarrassed to admit they voted for him or are really democrats that voted for Romney as a protest vote since he can't beat Obama.


I like your idea, I'll bring the popcorn you bring the million people :)

gonna need alot of pop corn

gonna need alot of pop corn to feed a million people :-)

Blessed are the peacemakers