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Vw Passat 78.5 Mpg (Imperial Gallon) 65.2 Mpg Us Gallon In The Uk

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Dealers in Canada call it MPG but it's really

kilometers per gallon. A Kilometer is 1.6 miles so this may be typical car dealer lies?

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I think it's actually


I just called my VW Canada

And I tell you! They are clueless about what's up with this engine! No one knows for sure why it's not allowed in Canada and I mentioned to them that the excuse was that the emmissions doesn't pass according to the amount of pollution per gallon but that it passes according to the amount of pollution per mile and that it meets the emmissions standard. Here's what I've come to conclude:
VW has not put a US/Canada Compliance label on these European Cars. And that's why it's not allowed to be sold/imported in North America.

The Compliance label is the key. Here's what I found out about the compliance label for canada:

All the regulations listed in the act on the website above are what the car needs to meet in order to get the compliance label. If the car meets all the regulations then the car "can have" a compliance label for US/Canada. But! If the manufacturers(e.g. VW) do not put a compliance label on the car then you are still not able to sell/import the car into north america anyway. So what I'm saying is that I think the car meets the compliance but VW doesn't want to put that label on. But who knows why??? I certainly don't know?

And I even told them that the label does not require that the economy will fall if there is no taxes being collected for the roads!

You can't get that over

You can't get that over there? That's a shame. If you do a lot of driving that's an excellent ride.

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It's like Deja Vu all over again

of course they sell those

of course they sell those cars in UK or Germany, but the people over there pay f****** astonomical VAT (20%) and licensing, the cheapest VW Golf starts around $30.000 and th gas is $10 for gallon, so the Gov. tax the living shiat out of the people. Think that's bad ?
The VAT is 21% in Italy, 24% in Romania (food, energy, EVERYTHING...add the salaries are taxed 43% in Romania), in Hungary 30%, and those countries are still broke, they need to borrow money from IMF.

Remember though

It might not necessarily be the tax, it's most likely the value of their currency and the supply and demand factor that will cause their fuel prices to go up.

VW XL1 - with a 1.0 litre

VW XL1 - with a 1.0 litre 2-cylinder CDI expected to get 235 miles per gallon, with a limited 75 miles per hour max speed. Check it out Here

Also, there was the Dodge-PPG M4S Turbo Interceptor from the early '80s which had a 4 cylinder that got over 50mpg while putting out 440-480HP; the engineers also made a 2-cylinder engine which got over 70mpg and put out 240HP -none of that was ever released for production. The whole thing became a huge mess, and the engineers had to file a law suit against Chrysler/Dodge over the engine design.

Needless to say, the technology to surpass what we currently have available to us has been developed for some time now; if only the corrupt would just let the 'Free Market' work.

Free Trade?

I thought the car corps. were for free trade. lol

...of course, only when it benefits them.


The reasons have to do with

The reasons have to do with emissions restrictions I think and highway safety regulations. Extra hardware has to be added to contain the diesel particulate matter and extra safety hardware must be added. Both of these things make the engine less efficient and the car heavier.

This is the same reason Mercedes could not bring the smart to this country for years. The US version of the smart is crap because its too heavy.
I have a 2009 Jetta Sportwagen and hit around 45 on all highway driving, but its smaller than the Passat. And because of the DPF (diesel particulate filter) I can only use up to 5% bio-fuel.

Its badly designed regulations getting in the way of good engineering.

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Why am I not surprised? What a shame that even the

models built here HAVE to be shipped out of the country. Geez - how did we get here???

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